Camping in Spain

Going camping in Spain? Want to know about rules, regulations, campsites, facilities, prices & much more? Our guide to camping in Spain gives you the facts & information you want.

Camping in Spain can make for one of the best holidays you’ve ever had and provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. Located in southern Europe, the climate is generally milder than many other European countries which makes for a more pleasant camping experience. Aside from a reasonably good network of campsites dotted across the length and breadth of the country, Spain has a good road system that makes traveling around the country a relatively easy and simple experience. Spain has some of the most peaceful and idyllic landscapes in Europe and is perfect if you want to get away from the stresses or modern life and reconnect with nature. If adrenaline is what you after, then rest assured that there are plenty of adventure activities to satisfy you.

With the ease of travel between different EU countries Spain has seen an increase in the number of people visiting the country and partaking in camping. This applies both to EU citizens from other countries as well as non Europeans, who through the benefit of a Schengen visa are allowed to travel throughout the entire EU with only a single visa. Such people are often young and on limited budgets which is what makes camping such a good option for them; however, you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking camping is only for those too broke to stay in a hotel. Many people who are perfectly well off, prefer to stay at campsites because of the quality of experience it provides. While it’s true that some campsites are little more than clearings in the woods located on the outskirts of some provincial towns, there are also several well developed campsites with facilities that are just as good, if not better, than many hotels.

Camping in Southern Spain

Costa Tropical in the South of Spain has some of the best camping spots in the country, not only because of it’s warmer climate but the scenery can also be quite breath taking as well. You can typically find campsites on cliff tops, rolling countryside, mountains, close to the river basin, beaches, at the edge of gorges and in the woodlands. Camping is the best way to re establish that all important but long lost connection to nature we once had. This is the cheapest accommodation available but is also considered as one of the best because you can pitch your tent almost anywhere affording you a freedom that other modes of accommodation simply cannot.

Campsites in Spain

There are in the region of 800 registered campsites spread across the diverse regions of Spain. Campsites in Spain are generally assigned a category status depending on the facilities avail bile at each particular camping site.

The 3rd category of camping grounds normally will have essential facilities like toilets and showers, but not a lot more. The 2nd category is slightly more luxurious side and often includes a cafeteria, swimming pool and telephone services. The 1st category of camping grounds will have everything from money exchange facility to children’s play area, to hot water ,electricity and evening entertainment programs.

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