Muskan In Canada

Want to learn more about the operations of Muskan in Canada? Read on for facts and info on the various operations of this NGO in Canada…

Muskan is a Sanskrit word meaning smile, and the NGO based in India by the same name works towards putting a smile on the face of deprived children who have been deprived of an education stream and they aim to provide them a nurturing educational environment which allows them full growth as human beings.

The NGO firmly believes that lack of education contributes profusely to the many evils and problems affecting the Indian society, and is a serious roadblock to the development and enhancement of the quality of life. This NGO aims to make an effort at improving the level and reach of education as well as health in the Indian society. Muskan in Canada basically focuses on the Indian community members to contract substantial donations to support various projects for the local community.

The idea behind this NGO is to make long-term and sustainable improvements towards enabling children to improve their lives and living conditions by empowering them with skills and education that last for a lifetime of development.

Muskan in Canada for Social Development Not Random Charity

For people interested in making a difference on a long-term basis and making a lasting contribution to planned human and social development as contrasted with random charity, Muskan offers just the perfect platform to do so. The NGO is always on the lookout for volunteers on international level and hopes to benefit greatly from promoting their services and activities in Canada. The passion and commitment of the team is reflected in their achievements where they have been able to successfully empower children on a physical, mental and most importantly on an emotional level. Each member has pledged to help the children to move out from the slums and work towards a better and more prosperous life.

Muskan in Canada is not well known since its services are promoted mainly in India. This is an excellent opportunity and time for the NGO to utilize online marketing services to harness donors and volunteers by promoting their services and expertise in the Canadian market. If they can gain access to the Indian community and clubs in Canada it will open a new resource for them to get financial aid, expertise of educational specialists along with volunteers who can assist in marketing and promoting their services on an ad hoc and pro bono basis.

Muskan Working Towards A Better Future For Impoverished Kids

The NGO targets children from the age group of 5 to 14 and do not make distinctions based on gender, cast or race. The methodology for this project is clearly outlined and states the requirement for identifying children who will be inducted in this program, developing the necessary infrastructure, and sourcing trained, committed and competent staff to look after the wards under their care.

The aim is to provide good quality healthcare and outlets for physical activity which will promote health and allow for the development of an all round personality. The children will be exposed to different areas and facets of life by various tours arranged by the NGO. Their aim is to utilize the experience of other organizations in this field and utilize their expertise in furthering their aim.

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