Argentina Honeymoons

An Argentine honeymoon might be exactly what you and your fiancée are looking for. There are so many things that you can do that it may be hard to pack everything into a limited amount of time. Read our guide for more facts and information…

There are some things to consider in planning for a honeymoon in Argentina. Do you want to go rural, rustic or urban with all the modern conveniences? Argentina is such a land with different experiences available that it may be hard to decide. Buenos Aires, the capital is one of the most modern cities in South America, and its people cater more to European and American tastes. You can even get package deals of your own choosing, using the ideas that you find most enticing for a honeymoon.

You can explore the Iguassu Falls. This will be only a short side trip from Buenos Aires, and you will get to see the largest falls on Earth. If you wish you may include another little trip to Mendoza and the Argentine wine country.

Stay a little longer and get a little more nature oriented by visiting the land of fire and ice. You can see penguins and seals on the Valdes Peninsula. You may go riding on the Pampas. You might even see a volcano and a glacier in the same day and even go tango dancing that evening. Argentina is a place where if you like, you can experience subtropical weather in the north or go down south for a sub polar climate. Just about any type of entertainment and accommodations that you might want for a honeymoon is available in Argentina.

Price of Packages

Not surprisingly, the cost of the individual packages will vary according to the number of days you wish to spend. Other variances will be due to the type of accommodations you would like. You will find that there are packages available for stay at standard hotels, superior hotels and deluxe hotels. Price will also vary depending on whether you choose double occupancy or triple occupancy.

Package Inclusions

Be aware of exactly what is included in your honeymoon package. Some include breakfast daily while some might include breakfast and lunch or sometimes a combination of a certain number of breakfasts and lunches. One thing that is probably not going to be included is air travel within Argentina. You will also find packages that will include many of your ideas as far as side trips go.

As you can see, the secret for a successful honeymoon in Argentina is not only up to the travel agent, but to you as well. So many things can be mixed and matched in the areas of sights to see, accommodations and the type of place you want to go that everyone can make their trip to Argentina a most memorable one.

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