Buenos Aires Transport Taxis

What are the taxis like in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Here we provide some simple information on how to call a cab in Argentina.

As a mode of transport, taxis can usually prove one of the most convenient ways to travel as they are present in abundance across Buenos Aires. In fact, it is estimated that Buenos Aires has over 32,000 taxis in total! You should be able to find one therefore on most street corners. The taxis are painted black with a yellow roof and availability is denoted by a small red flag light displayed inside the taxi which says ‘libre’. The Buenos Aires taxi drivers are typically very friendly and most will be able to advise you in respect to attractions in Buenos Aires and good places to visit.

Taxi rides in Buenos Aires are also extremely cheap and fares are established by the municipality and therefore standard. The taxi rates also do not change depending on whether it’s night or day. The prices are metered in Argentinean Pesos.

Another type of taxi is the ‘remise’ which differs from a regular taxi in that the cost for the journey is agreed in advance. They are most typically used for airport journeys.

Buenos Aires is served by the Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini de Ezeiza, although it is known locally as ‘Ezeiza’. The taxi bay outside the airport can prove to be fairly chaotic and you are advised to go to a taxi booth and arrange your taxi there as opposed to waiting in the taxi bay.

Although transport across Argentina and within Buenos Aires is generally considered safe, there are safety precautions which you may wish to follow if taking taxis – particularly if you are travelling late at night, or as an unaccompanied female. It is suggested that you only use registered services and that if travelling late at night you order the taxi via your hotel / restaurant etc. You may also wish to use one of the radio taxi companies in Buenos Aires in which bookings are arranged via the telephone. There is no extra charge of this service and locals typically consider it a safer alternative. It is also suggested that you pay attention to the license plate number and the driver. Please note however, that these safety tips are not specific to Argentina but would apply to all countries.

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