Retiro Intercity Bus Station Buenos Aires

Are you back-packing, travelling or taking a vacation in Argentina. One of the more popular means of transport is the intercity bus. Here we offer useful information on taking a bus from Buenos Aires.

For those wanting to travel around Argentina to see other cities apart from Buenos Aires, then the intercity bus is a good and cheap way of doing so. Most people will start their journey in Argentina from the capital so this article offers some information on where to go and how to get an intercity bus in Argentina.

For anyone seeking an intercity bus in Buenos Aires the only place to head for is the Retiro bus station (Estación Retiro) which is located on Avenida Ramos Mejía 1550
at Plaza San Martín. As well as the bus station Retiro is also a train and metro station too.

The Retiro bus station is very large and accommodates 75 buses as well as restaurants, bathrooms, lockers, telephone and internet services. You will need to buy your tickets at the kiosks and then proceed to the platform your bus leaves from.

Some of the domestic destinations and travel times include:

Bahia Blanca – 9 hours
Bariloche – 24 hours
Mar del Plata – 5.5 hours
Mendoza – 14 hours
Puerto Madryn – 20 hours
Resistencia – 13 hours
Rosario – 4 hours
Salta – 21 hours
Santa Fe – 6.5 hours
Santa Rosa – 9 hours

You can also get some international buses from Retiro to Asuncion, Foz de Iguazu, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago.

The contact telephone number for the Retiro station is (54 11) 4310 0700.

Google offer a nice aerial view of Retiro station.

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