Crime in Spain

Are you going on holiday to Spain? Are you concerned about safety and crime in Spain? Our guide to crime in Spain gives you the facts & information to help you stay safe in Spain.

Spain is not a country known particularly for its high crime rates, although, like any other country in Western Europe Spain has its fair share of crimes. There are a few types of crime that occur in Spain that visitors should be aware of. These crimes, in which tourists in Spain are commonly – although by no means exclusively – the victims, are highlighted below.

Passport crime in Spain

A crime that occurs in Spain which has been on the increase in recent years is passport theft. Organised crime gangs operate in Spain trying to steal the passports of vulnerable tourists. These organised crime gangs in Spain then sell on these passports on the black market in Spain often to illegal immigrants in Spain. If you find yourself a victim of passport crime in Spain, be sure to notify the embassy of your country in Spain as soon as possible, which will make arrangements for a replacement passport. As a general precaution against this type of crime, never show your passport to anyone in Spain who asks you for it, other than a uniformed police officer.

Car crime in Spain

Some crime in Spain involves the perpetrators of these crimes targeting victims in their cars. Common car-related crimes in Spain include stealing the car stereo and anything else of value from within the car. A common place where such crimes are carried out in Spain is at motorway rest stations when the owner has gone inside. Be weary of people driving alongside you telling you to pull over because of a flat tyre or car problem: this may be a ploy to set up a crime. In order to avoid being the victim of such a crime in Spain keep driving until you reach the next well-light resting station.

Violent crime in Spain

Spain is not known for its violent crime, although if you are unlucky, you may find yourself the victim of a mugging or similar crime. These crimes are more likely to occur in the big cities in Spain such as Barcelona and Madrid. Pick pocketing is another common crime in Spain’s big cities in crowded areas known to be frequented by tourists. Always carry your valuables in your front pocket and be alert if somebody accidentally bumps into you as he may be trying to feel you to see if you have any valuables worth taking.

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