Tigre Argentina Travel Guide

Are you going to Argentina on vacation? If you are visiting Buenos Aires then why not take a short trip to Tigre and enjoy some of Argentina’s beautiful natural environment?

For those in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires, it is sometimes nice to escape to somewhere a bit quieter and peaceful to re-charge the batteries. Tigre is one of these places and is frequented by many at the weekends.

Tigre is located on the Parana River Delta which lies some 18 kms outside Buenos Aires. Tigre offers a surprising variety of activities from visiting the museum to taking to boat ride to simply relaxing and watching the world go by.

How to Get to Tigre

Tigre is not far from Buenos Aires. The quickest, easiest and probably cheapest way is to catch a train from Retiro station which takes around 50 minutes. You arrive near the tourist office and docks.

If you fancy a different route then try and Tren de la Costa which takes you on a river route. You board the Mitre line from Retiro to the station called Bartolome Mitre. From there you board the Tren de la Costa which stops at various places such as cafes and shops (San Isidro). You arrive in Tigre at the Delta Station which is next to an amusement park. You are then a 10 minute walk from the tourist office .

The Tourist Office in Tigre

There is a tourist information office in Tigre located next to the McDonalds. You can call them on 011-4512-4497 or visit the website on www.tigre.gov.ar.  When you get to the tourist information office you are also near the ticket offices for the boats and cruises.

Things to do in Tigre

There are a few activities you can do in Tigre. These include:

Museums – There are also two museums in Tigre, the Navy Museum and the Sarmiento Museum.

Organised Tours – There are many tours leaving Buenos Aires on half or full day excursion. They are standard or private tours, with or without lunch. The may or may not include a ride on the modern Coastal Train, sailing on the Tigre Delta(Parana River) or the tour of citadel. One such company is Barba Charter.

Isla Martin Garcia – A popular local place is Isla Martin Garcia which is a short ferry trip from Tigre. It lies only 1.2 miles off the Uruguayan coast and is a park-like island acting as a nature reserve and recreational retreat.

Mercado de Frutos – the daily crafts market is great for picking up some local bargains and trinkets.

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