Truck Driving Jobs Northern California

Need a truck driving job in Northern California? Learn more about the year round options for truck driving jobs in Northern California with competitive earnings…

Truck driving jobs in Northern California offer a dependable income and great work environment. You can have a year-round form of employment with flexible workweeks. This allows candidates to have reasonable home time and you end up logging in around 3000 miles per week.

The many driver benefits include the competitive pay scale and weekly settlements for your work. A qualified truck driver in Northern California would require a valid driver license, social security card, and a current DOT physical and medical examination. Apart from this it is mandatory to have an H. 6 DMV printout. There are good Northern California trucking jobs for bilingual candidates and you can get a paid fuel surcharge

Benefits of Northern California Truck Jobs

The benefits include insurance programs, paid fuel surcharges, prepaid delay surcharges, cash safety reports, tire purchasing program for your trucks, truck parking allocation and a diesel fuel program. Most of the popular companies that offer jobs in North California are reputed for the efficient movement of freight. Therefore, the required staff should also have integrity and dedication towards providing unmatched services of high-quality.

Local LTA Truck Jobs in Northern California

In most instances the jobs are based out of local terminals. The drivers are required to haul LTL truckload and container freight within a hundred miles of the terminal locations. Companies with a localized terminal-base include areas like Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Fresno and Phoenix along with Ontario and Bakersfield

Truckload Drivers in and out of Northern California

The truck jobs in Northern California include requirement for owners, company drivers and operators who are skilled in managing the logistics of truckloads. A diverse consumer base is serviced by the truckload division run by most operators in the United States. This would include solo as well as team operations. This offers 99% no touch freight carriage. Therefore, the trucking jobs can be based either in Northern California or different states across the country.

You would have to average 2000 to 2500 miles on a weekly basis and these jobs that require you to be based outside of Northern California. A specific harbor division works in Northern California where the Harbor owners and operators enjoy competitive rates and earnings. The truck jobs in Northern California based around the harbor offer opportunities to work in the night shift or the day shift.

There are online resources that offer thousands of jobs in trucking. You simply have to develop your resume and choose certain jobs to apply for. Detailed profiles of trucking jobs in California are available in companies like Airgas. This particular company would require high-quality personnel for trucking their industrial and welding gases. Another job for truckers can be availed at the California Department of Transportation. This would offer a good starting position and opportunity for career growth. The Dependable Highway Express always has offers for the owner operators of freight logistics. Companies like Market Transport Ltd are popular because they offer highly competitive rates and allow their personnel to be at home at least for two days a week.

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