Mickey Mouse in Australian Shopping Centers

Looking for Mickey Mouse in Australian shopping centers? Read our guide for tips on where to find Mickey Mouse in an Australian shopping centre…

Mickey Mouse is a universal icon. You will be able to find different items related to it in Australian shopping centers that cater specifically to Mickey Mouse lovers.

Mickey Mouse Jerboa Posters in Australian Shopping Centers

Most people are surprised to hear that the Desert Mickey Mouse was pictured in none other than the Australian wilderness. The long ears of the cute jerboa attract many visitors at both Australian and German zoos. Often called the Mickey Mouse of the desert, this endangered species of rodent was caught on camera in the wild. Many posters of the Mickey Mouse in Australian shopping centers are available to commemorate the mammal, which is nearly extinct. It hops like a kangaroo and has very huge ears, which are a third larger than its head.

Mickey Mouse Clothing in Australian Shopping Centers

You will be able to find different types of paraphernalia related to Mickey Mouse in Australian shopping centers. You can choose a T-shirt with a three-quarter pant. The slogan on the T-shirt reads ‘Who Me?’ and features the image of a sheepish Mickey Mouse. Crafted out of one hundred percent cotton the print is placed right on the front. The Capri pants are three quarters and stop at the calf of the leg. The waist has elastic and a draw-cord, which is printed. The shirt has slits on the side down towards the hem for ease of wear.

For the young kids the plastic ears of Mickey Mouse in Australian shopping centers are available in one size for everyone and retail for around five Australian dollars. The cute costume headgear consists of black plastic ears fashioned on top of a headband.

Mickey Mouse Bedding for Children in Australian Shopping Centers

Children all over the world and especially in Australia love the Mickey Mouse cartoon bed sheets for their rooms. From different patterns in bright colors to the repetitive designs and images of Mickey Mouse himself, the bed sheet looks fabulous on a child’s bed.

Furthermore, the comforters keep the children warm on winter nights. If you don’t want a full theme of Mickey Mouse then you can get Mickey Mouse pillows in Australian shopping centers. You can get it in the shape of Mickey’s face as a micro-bead pillow to be placed as a decor item or to sleep on.

Complement a simple bright bed sheet with the customized Mickey MBouse Club Pillowcase. The cotton-polyester mix fabric is stitched to the standard size pillow case, which measures 30″ W x 20″ L and can easily be machine washed with like colors or cleaned with non-chlorinated bleach.

Disney is known for its worldwide supply of durable and stylish Mickey Mouse fashion-wear and house decoration items. These are easily available in Australian shopping centers and popular among Mickey Mouse lovers. For Halloween parties why not go to Australian shopping centers for Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse costumes? Starting at about 20 Australian dollar you can get baby Mickey Mouse costumes or those for toddlers and preteens.

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