Self Drive Holiday France

Do you want to go on a self drive holiday to France? Are you looking for information on self drive holidays in France? We’ve put all the useful facts & information on this page.

Self Drive Holidays to France

Self drive holidays to France can be an extremely rewarding experience; not least because of the vast freedom it affords you to reach places you would otherwise not bother visiting in France.

Self Drive Holiday Expenses in France

Self Drive holidays in France do have inherent costs and risks that you wouldn’t have to face if you traveled to France by train. Firstly, bringing your own car on the ferry crossing from England to France will cost you at least 100 GBP. However, if there a few people going together this may well work out cheaper than buying train tickets.

Also, if you are on a self drive holiday in France, you’ll have the options of staying at one of the many campsites in France, which although lovely, are often hard to reach if you don’t have a car. This means you may well make savings over a couple of weeks through cheaper accommodation costs.

Self Drive Holiday Problems in France

Self Drive Holidays to France have three main drawbacks: Petrol expenses, parking and car crime.  Petrol prices in France are much higher than in the US, although if you’re coming from England it’s more or less the same.

Car crime in France is endemic, especially in the south, and great care has to be taken to avoid becoming a victim. This included never leaving valuables in your car.

Parking in the major cities of France like Paris is almost impossible. Even if you can find a spot parking fares are expensive and many places limit your parking time to only two hours. If you’re on a self drive holiday to France it’s better to park your car in the suburbs and use the trains in France to get into the city for a day of sightseeing.

Self Drive Holiday to France: Equipment

When taking your car on a self drive holiday in France there’s no special paperwork to be filled in if you’re from the EU. By law you’re required to have a reflective warning triangle in the trunk of your car in case of break down. Also, right hand drive vehicles need to have deflectors fitted on to the headlights so as not to dazzle oncoming traffic.

First aid kits, spare bulbs and fire extinguishers are not mandatory, although for the sake of a safe self drive holiday in France are highly desirable.

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