Suzuki Music Workshops Australia

Looking for Australian Suzuki music workshops? Learn more about the different Suzuki music workshops in Australia for professional development of music teachers…

There is a great focus on the professional development of highly qualified and talented music teachers under the Australian Suzuki music workshops organized as part of the Suzuki Professional Development Training Program. The aim is to create a clearer understanding of the Suzuki Philosophy and its applications to Suzuki teaching techniques.

The program is developed in conjunction with children and their parents. It provides a nurturing environment to foster the musical talents of a student while providing a satisfying and challenging career path for teachers. In order to become an accredited Suzuki music teacher in southern Australia there are high standards to be met in terms of personal qualification and aptitude.

There are different Suzuki music workshops in Australia for both teachers and music enthusiasts who want to learn by the Suzuki method and perfect their talents by polishing them through attending the right training courses.

Criteria to Qualify for Suzuki Music Accreditation

Some of the criteria for music features include instrumental performance skills that are tested at an audition. Any candidate who wishes to be part of the instrument performance department must get a minimum of the equivalent standards of AMEB Grade Eight in order to qualify.

There are different criteria for each musical instrument. For example, for a violin player a complete concerto must be presented in A minor. For the J.S.Bach the required set would include four old French dances while a pianist would have to present a complete concert tour for the Marais piano.

For the J.S.Bach flute a comprehensive suite must be presented in B minor while the requirement for the J.S.Bach Cello player would be to present an option of Popper, Gavotte or the Allegro Appassionata. For the Saint-Saens Harp the complete theme and variations of J. Haydn must be performed in the original.

Suzuki Music Workshop Australia

There are certain observation skills required for Suzuki teachers. The Suzuki special workshop in Australia focuses on teaching supervised teaching techniques to the teacher. The workshop covers basics like creating an understanding of the Suzuki talent education philosophy.

Once a teacher is in complete control of the main concepts that make up the Suzuki philosophy then they move on to performing the Suzuki material  in parts from memory without any assistance. Furthermore, the workshop details how Suzuki music has a child centric approach towards teaching music and the importance and role of parents in nurturing the young musicians.

The tasks of the parents and their requirements are also detailed to the teacher in order for them to maintain a check and balance by monitoring the role of the parents in the development of a student’s musical talent. Furthermore the teacher is required to have a complete understanding of the Suzuki pedagogy and the structured repertoire offered by the program.

Every teacher working at the Suzuki music center and organizing the Suzuki music Australian workshops is required to complete 20 hours of training annually. This  allows them to retain their status as a member in the Suzuki Music Association.

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