Redding California Real Estate Homes For Sale

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Redding California is a city in the northern part of the state, and is surrounded on three sides by mountains. There is some of the most beautiful scenery you will find anywhere in this area, and the climate is a little less extreme than in other areas. Real estate here can range in price, but homes tend to be less expensive than in some other cities in California.

Redding can get around five inches of snow each winter, even though it is in California, and the summer temperatures do not usually top one hundred degrees. Real estate in the area tends to be more low key and less expensive. The city has a population of just over one hundred thousand residents, and has been expanding some due to a population growth of around ten percent.

A Natural Paradise

Redding, California has often been called a natural paradise because of the pristine surroundings, mountain range, and breathtaking views. Many residents here purchased real estate to get away from huge cities, and all of the problems that go along with them. The air is clean and smog free, and the natural beauty of the landscape brings in visitors from all over.

Redding is home to a number of species which are listed as either endangered or rare, and the city takes steps to protect the natural habitat in certain areas to ensure the protection of the species. Some areas in this part of California cannot be purchased or built upon, and must be kept in natural condition.

Ideally Sized City

The city of Redding is recognized as the largest one in California which is north of Sacramento, but it is still small enough to avoid many of the congestion and pollution problems that plague bigger cities. This is one reason why the real estate market here was not affected as badly as some others were.

Real estate in Redding has lost some of the value from previous gains, but the market is still at decent levels. With the attraction that this area of California has the housing market and the home values will soon start to increase again.

Available Real Estate

If you are interested in real estate in Redding, California there are plenty of homes and properties to choose from. You can find large homes with many rooms as well as quaint cottages and small houses with charm and beauty. There are foreclosure properties in this area which are going for ridiculously low prices, sometimes only pennies on the dollar.

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