Visa Interview for Australian Student Visa

Require Australian student visa interview information? Learn more about the requirements at the visa interview for an Australian student visa…

Australia is one of the leading destinations for students looking to study abroad. The Australian government has spent approximately 14 1/2 billion dollars to develop a great infrastructure for the different educational institutions as well as the schools in the country. The visa interview for Australian student visa is different slightly from the immigration interview in that the student is questioned about the requirements and the need for the higher education choice in Australia.

Scope of Visa Interview

Students are questioned on their choice of university, their ability to cope in a foreign country and the plan for their career path in Australia or back home. There are different types of categories when it comes to the Australian student visa interview and they differ based on the type of visa acquired by the student. It is mainly a program that encompasses different levels of education.

The visa interview questions for students will differ based on whether a student is a minor and enrolling in a primary or a secondary school. In this case the interviewee will be accompanied by the parent who will be able to respond to all of the questions regarding financing, residence and other expenses based on the parents desire to send a child to an elementary or primary school.

Range of  Questions

For a university student the direct interview is held with the candidate and parents are not required to be present. The student is questioned on his choice of a particular university selected and each of the rejections and admittance offered to the student by the different universities across Australia. As part of the visa interview for an Australian student visa the student may also be required to show the GRE scorecard to ensure that he meets the requirements of the visa process. The name of the sponsor is also asked, along with the place from which a student has acquired their undergraduate qualifications.

A student may also be questioned about the father’s business or employment along with the average income and set up of the family. A student attending an interview for Australian student visa will be questioned about his plans upon completion of the graduate degree program. Bank statements and passbooks are also required to be shown at the interview. If the parents are retired then there’ll be further investigation on how the degree will be sponsored and how the student will be funded in a foreign land.

Furthermore a student will be questioned about the scholarships and the undergraduate percentage or GPA. Religious background is also questioned along with requiring proof of intention to return to the country of origin. The question is also asked of how the student will cope if the visa is rejected or if it is approved the student will need to confirm that they have enough funding to return home during the holidays and their plans to keep a connection with the home country. Furthermore the student is also questioned as to why the university is interested in sponsoring or giving a scholarship to them.

Tips for the Interview

Do not be intimidated by the security questions and be well prepared with all the documentation. Get to the interview location a few minutes early so that you’re familiar with the space and the flow of procedure and navigate the territory in time. Also bring only the most necessary items that you require and you will be able to reduce the hassle at the security check post.

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