Austrian Desserts

Want to know how the Austrians satisfy their sweet tooth? Find out about the amazing Austrian dessert items that make up their wonderful cuisine.

The Austrian cuisine is considered to be the richest European cuisine that exists today. This is because Austria was once part of a great Empire that spread over a large portion of the Earth and has hence drawn influence from the interactions with different regions and people. Today the Austrian cuisine is an unparalleled multicultural cuisine of Europe.

The Austrians are known to posses quite a sweet tooth. The Austrian cuisine is also known to possess a wide variety of amazing dessert items that have been specially created to satisfy their craving for a sweet dish. Desserts are an important part of the meal in Austria and they are into eating many different kinds of desserts.

Popular Austrian dessert items

Amongst the many frequently consumed dessert items is the vanillekipferl. Although this special dessert item was initially a Christmas season delight it is now consumed at all seasons across the country. Vanillekipferl are actually crescent shaped cookies that are coated with confectioner’s sugar. The dough for these delicious cookies is made with vanilla beans and almonds.

This particular dessert item originates from the city of Vienna. Today however you will be able to find them being sold at coffee shops all across the country. The shape of the cookies takes on the form of the Turkish crescent in celebration of the Austrian army’s victory over the Turkish forces. Vanillekipferl is also common in Germany where it is made during the Christmas season.

The Austrians are really into making cakes. Cakes are known as tortes in Austria and you will find a wide variety of tortes in Austria. The Sachertorte is by far the most commonly consumed cake item in Austria. It combines two of the most beloved dessert items of the Austrians one is the cake and the other is chocolate. Traditionally the sachertorte had a glaze of apricot jam on the top.

This delicious cake consists of two layers of chocolate. The chocolate used in the making of the cake is dense but not overly sweet. The cake is a sponge cake which has a thin layer of apricot jam spread in the middle with some dark chocolate icing decorated with shreds of chocolate on the sides and on the top. The Austrians are used to serving the sachertorte with unsweetened whip cream.

Over the years many different varieties of the sachertorte have come into being. The most popular amongst those are the sacher masoch torte that incorporates a unique jam and marzipan.

Another one of Austria’s favorite chocolate cakes is the panama torte. It was initially made as a celebration of the opening of the Panama Canal. The Zwetschkenfleck is yet another unique torte from Austria which is actually an upside down cake topped with delicious plums and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Austria is home to many other special dessert items such as marzipan which is made out of sweet almond paste dipped in chocolate. The famous Heibe Schokolade is a filling hot chocolate drink served with whipped cream. Austria is also rich with a huge variety of chocolates and chocolate based dessert items.

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