Italian Coffee Cups

Italian coffee comes with a lot of strings attached. Amongst those things that are part and parcel of the Italian coffee tradition are Italian coffee cups. Find out what makes these cups a must have for any coffee loving individual or family.

The country of the soccer world champions is famous for much more than its world class soccer team. Italy is home to one of the most unique cuisines that you will be able to find in the region. Amongst the things that make up the cuisine of Italy is coffee. The drink was not always a part of the culture of the country rather it found its way on the Venetian shores through trade ships. Prior to the introduction of coffee into Italy it was largely considered to be the drink of the Muslims. This did trouble Christian Europe at that time as they conceived the drink to be satanic and evil given their stance towards Islam. But the Pope himself came under the magic spell of coffee and allowed free trade and consumption of the drink in the Christian empire.

There are a lot of traditions and cultural aspects that accompany Italian coffee. Although not much coffee is itself grown in the country, the whole coffee culture that we see around the world finds its roots in the local coffee scene of Italy. It was in Italy that the first real coffee houses and cafes sprung up the likes of which we commonly see today. The peculiar atmosphere and the laid back attitude attached to coffee houses have Italy as its home. So much so that even the interior décor of the coffee houses has become a trade mark in its own rights. Amongst those things that are associated with Italian coffee are Italian coffee cups which form an essential part of the whole coffee scene.

A cup of Italian coffee in an Italian coffee cup

You haven’t really enjoyed a cup of coffee the Italian way unless it is made like the Italians make it, made with the tools they use to make it, and consumed in the setting which the Italians consume it in and served in the Italian coffee cups like the Italians serve it in. Once you have all the elements right you can enjoy the taste of Italy no matter where you are. Many coffee houses around the world seek to maintain the interior décor and the Italian style coffee cups along with the menu to make it resemble the original coffee cups. Traditionally Italian coffee cups were made out of ceramic which was painted with different designs and colors. The building material of the Italian coffee cups helped to keep the coffee hot for a longer time which is an essential function of these cups. This is because if the coffee cools down quickly the whole drink loses its meaning.

Italian coffee cups can make a good addition to your kitchenware collection. They are sleek and stylish which gives them a wide and diversified appeal even reaching out to those who do not really drink coffee. Plus today you have so many designer Italian coffee cups to choose from that they have become sort of a fashion statement for their owners as they reflect his sense of style. With Italian coffee cups in your kitchen cupboard you can always indulge in a great cup of coffee yourselves or serve coffee to your guests in them.

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