Austrian Downhill Ski

Interested in knowing about the national sport of Austria? Find out about the best places for Austrian downhill skiing and the costs of a ski equipment & accommodation on the Alpines.

Skiing on the Austrian Alpines began a long time ago with records dating back to the 19th century. The sport gradually evolved and came into its modern form around the 1900’s. This is the time when many ski clubs were formed in Austria. Over the years some very influential skiing giants rose out of the country such as the famous instructor Hannes Schneider who started his career in 1907. By 1930 the pan-Alpine tradition had come in to full flow.

The skiing season in Austria varies around the different parts of the country. In some regions you will have the ground laden for snow fit for skiing as early as November. Generally though, it is around Christmas time that the skiing season begins. The season used to last a good four months or more up until the recent effects of global warming started to cause unusual changes in the weather. Skiing still takes place in the summers but it is quite expensive at that time.

Best resorts for downhill skiing

If you are looking for a specific area where downhill skiing takes place in Austria then you can go anywhere you want on the Alps. There are however different kinds of terrain that would suite different kinds of skiers. For example areas like Lech in Voralberg, Tyrol east of Innsbruck and other areas of Salzburg and Styria are ideal for beginners. The infrastructure is excellent to support families and children but the slopes are not all that easy!

For those skiers that have had some what of an exposure to the skiing they will find Kitzbuhel, Soil and Ischgl to be great places to start off with. Even Salzburg has excellent places like Saalbach-Hinterglemm and St Johann for intermediate skiers.

If you are an expert on skis then Austria has some challenges to throw your way. For that you will have to head towards the south of Salzburg near Badgastein and the Arlberg region as well. St Anton is the most popular skiing place for advanced skiers and is known as the Skiing capital of the country. Other challenging slopes include Lech, Zurs and Christoph.

Costs of downhill skiing in Austria

You may be wondering what it costs to go skiing in Austria. The truth of the matter is that the rates vary according to the regions and seasons. The more popular the region in the peak of the season is bound to cost you a lot more than other not so popular regions in the low seasons. Generally though, we would have to say that skiing in Austria is an expensive activity. Single tickets are extremely overpriced. A day pass may cost you up to forty Euros. It is always better to go for combination tickets which will allow you to ski for a certain amount of time.

There are other costs that you will have to incur when you go for downhill skiing in Austria. The renting of gears can cost you up to 100 Euros for six days. Starters will need to hire a tutor which is yet another added cost. Add to all of this the cost of renting out a hotel and dining then you will have your total expected expenditure which is quite a lot.

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