Italy Ski Guide Skiing in the Dolomites

Are you going on holiday to the dolomite Mountains in Italy? Would you like to know where the best ski resorts are? Our guide to skiing in the Dolomites gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know

The Dolomite Mountains form a section of the Italian Alps in the north of Italy. The Dolomites span across three regions in Italy and are a popular tourist destination with people from all over Europe who come here primarily to ski. The Dolomite Mountains in Italy extend from the Pieve valley in the east to the Adige River in the west.

Ski resorts in the Dolomites in Italy

The Dolomite Mountains provide literally dozens of choices in terms of ski resorts, however, some of the most popular include Auronzo, Arabba,   Cortina d’Ampezzo, Ortisei and San Martino di Castrozza. Ski resorts in the dolomites in Italy vary geatly in size and the number of km’s of ski runs each resort has, however, all ski resorts in the Dolomites are well equipped with ski lifts, medical facilities and places to eat. Many of the ski resorts are actually close enough to each other for you to be able to ski at both resorts in the same day, often without having to drive from one ski resort to another.

Accommodation in the Dolomites in Italy

The standard of accommodation at and around ski resorts in the Dolomites is generally quite good and in comparison to ski resorts in Switzerland quite cheap. Accommodation in the Dolomites ranges from large 4 and 5 star hotels, to smaller family run lodgings located near to the ski resorts.

Skiing activities in the Dolomites in Italy

The ski resorts at the Dolomites in Italy cater for all different types of skiing. Although downhill skiing is the most popular, there are also facilities for cross country skiing in the Dolomites, as well as several half pipes at some ski resorts that cater to snowboarding enthusiasts.

Skiing season in the Dolomites in Italy

Skiing season in the Dolomites generally begins in the middle of December and continues until about the middle of March. The most busy time of the skiing season in the Dolomites is from the beginning to mid January when many Italians come skiing. In recent years snowfall across the Dolomites and the whole region of the Alps has been delayed which may mean that in future years the best snow will not have fallen until January.

Skiing costs at the Dolomites in Italy

The cost of skiing and the type of ski pass that you buy depends on how much skiing you want to do and how long you intend to stay in the Dolomites. There is a ski pass on offer that allows you to access hundreds of ski lifts across the whole Dolomite region for a period of six days which costs €100. Alternatively you can buy one day ski passes for individual ski resorts.

Skiing lessons at the Dolomites in Italy

Most of the ski resorts in the Dolomites have qualified ski instructors who will be able to give you skiing lessons. Private ski lessons costs about €30 per hour, whereas booking a week long series of classes that include 3 hours of tuition per day on a group basis will set you back about €150.

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