Cross Country Skiing Norway

Are you interested in visiting Norway for a cross country skiing holiday? Then read our guide for more facts and information on cross country skiing in Norway…

The enjoyment of cross country skiing in Norway comes from the type of trip you select. Instead of electing to cross country ski at a ski resort where you will have to deal with the many ski lifts and crowds of downhill skiers, there are other, more quiet and serene options available.
There are beautiful and well maintained cross country ski tracks that are available free of charge to the public. These well-made cross country ski tracks can be found in many parts of Norway.

Cross Country Ski Tracks

The Troll Trail is a long trail of 170 km which goes through undeveloped nature. The trail moves through Hovringen and Rondere in the north, to Ringebufjellet and Lillehammer in the South. The trail moves through many different kinds of landscapes, including high mountains. The trail is marked from the beginning of February until after Easter.

Peer Gyntt Trail is another well marked and maintained trail. This trail moves through the mountains on the western side of Gudbrandsdalen. Located on this trail are many well known ski resorts, including Espedalen and Skei. There are also many lodges and hotels regularly located on this trail, which is especially useful in emergencies and should you need a break along the way. This trail is popular as it has views of several national parks, including Jotunheimen and Dovrefjell.

If you are interested in seeing the beautiful and enigmatic northern lights, then the Finnmarksvidda is an excellent trail for a cross country skiing trip. This trail is located in the north of Norway and is also located on one of Norway’s largest mountains. This trail is well known for its enormous wilderness.

If you are interested in taking in the capital, Oslo, during your cross country ski trip in Norway, you will not be limited by travel distances as there are cross country ski trails just half an hour out of the city. There are more than 2000km of these primed cross country ski trails.

Cross Country Ski Resorts

If you are interested in the facilities and benefits of using a ski resort during your cross country ski trip, then you will have no problem finding a resort that has cross country trails amongst the downhill trails. The best ski resorts in Norway include Trysil, Geilo and Lillehammer.

The modern ski resort of Geilo is located at a mountain village, of only 2300 inhabitants, between the cities of Oslo and Bergen. It is one of the largest ski resorts in Scandinavia with 18 chair and surface lifts. A popular hotel in this area is the Norway Geilo Neilson Forest Chalet IV which costs about £807 per person sharing.

Another resort at which you can enjoy cross country skiing is the famous resort of Lillehammer. It is located at the north of Norway’s largest lake, Lake Mjosa. It is one of the best resorts for cross country skiing as it is close to some of the best cross country trails in Scandinavia; Sjusjoen and Nordseter. Lillehammer is just under two hours away from Oslo. Some of the hotels you can choose from in Lillehammer include the Radisson Blu, Clarion Collection Hotel and Molla Hotel.

Kvitfejell is another resort which is excellent for cross country skiers as it has 120km of cross country trails and is in partnership with other resorts, Skei and Gala, which have an extra 480km of cross country terrain.

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