Nassau Bahamas Atlantis Excursions

Nassau Bahamas Atlantis excursions are the most luxurious and memorable part of a Bahamas trip, as Atlantis is a resort cum destination that is renowned for its aquatic allure and underground mysteries that unlock the Lost City of Atlantis. Read our guide for more facts and information…

The Atlantis, located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, attracts hordes of visitors every day. It is the only Caribbean resort that is also a tourist destination, attracting visitors from cruise ships. Visitors can take a water-shuttle or taxi to experience its casinos and resorts or explore its magnificent ‘lost world’ theme park. The Discover Atlantis Tour is a popular tour on cruise ships that allows for an archaeological exploration of the lost continent. The Dolphin Cay is ideal for swimmers who get to play with bottlenose dolphins. The Aquaventure package provides access to beaches, pools, river-rides, water slides and much more. Due to the tropical location of Bahamas, most excursions are water-related.

Nassau Bahamas Atlantis Paradise Island

Paradise Island is in close proximity to Nassau, connected via two bridges. Together they have a length of 8 km and width of about 0.8 km. Paradise Island is home to the fabulous Atlantis resort and its Waterscape, the largest open-air aquarium in the world. Other attractions of the island include the Dolphin Encounter, Powerboat Adventures, Cable Beach Golf Course, casinos, water activities and glitzy shopping malls.

Nassau Bahamas Atlantis day pass

Cruise passengers usually purchase a day pass to the Atlantis resort. It is designed to enjoy the best of the island away from the crowds. Associated with cruise trips, the pass allows for beach breaks along the crystal clear waters, while enjoying tropical cuisine and cocktails. It provides unique experiences, such as dining on open terraces with sea views, indoor seaside restaurants and relaxing at sports bars.

Nassau Bahamas Atlantis all-inclusive vacations

All-inclusive vacations roll a number of holiday aspects into a single package to provide a fulfilling holiday for visitors. They are based on all-inclusive resorts that provide lodging, meals, drinks and holiday activities designed for singles, couples and families. With complimentary facilities, such as swimming pools, spa, mountain-biking, night-life and entertainment, all-inclusive packages are designed for luxurious getaways.

Nassau Bahamas Atlantis aquarium cost

Atlantis is famous for its walk-through aquariums set amidst re-created ruins of the lost continent. Though the resort limits access to the water park, Aquaventure pool and a few other areas so that guests can have a better experience, day-trippers can visit them at an extra cost. The ‘Dig’ is a unique excursion into archaeological sites of the 11,000 year-old sunken legend of Atlantis. Its aquariums teem with marine life and feature the lost city’s remnants in an amazing manner, with massive manta rays, sharks and other exotic creatures coming face to face with visitors who walk past them.

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