Indian Fantail Pigeons

Having pets in your home is really interesting and if it is Indian fantail pigeons, I can simply say it is awesome. Fantail pigeons are seen marvelously as part of august ceremonies and wedding receptions. But have you ever come across this unique pi

As all of us know, there are about 300 various species of pigeons and doves across the globe. You must be watching some of these in your courtyard, in the nearby church buildings, in the parks or in other neighborhoods. Out of all these, you can identify Indian fantail pigeons simply due to its pretty color, attractive features and eye catching appearances.

The Indian pigeons are really attractive and lovely-looking. We can especially admire the beauty of the fantail pigeon originated in India. A fan shaped tail with 30 to 40 feathers make it more elegant and lovely. It is a very popular variety of fancy pigeons.

Some of the fantail pigeons have feather mutations, making it different from other pigeons. The mutation typically gives interesting and noticeable lace effects for the tails. The important features of these pigeons are basically in six areas. These are color, stance, body, condition, markings and tail. The balance of these six features makes the pigeons more attractive and appealing.

The medium sized Indian fantails harmonious and perfect combinations of the body parts make the stance ideal and unique. Natural and flow stylishness of the Indian fantail pigeons are praise worthy. The large tail with thick feathers which are held upright is pretty in these Indian origin pigeons. There are many Indian fantail pigeons with two layers of feathers in the tail. The colors of the Indian pigeons vary. You can select one in accordance with your taste and artistic concepts.

The Indian fantail pigeon is very popular mainly due to its elegant look and attractive and lovable features. It will be difficult and rare to get a perfect fantail pigeon with all balanced features. You can find a few of them for sale on the online websites. You have to go through the features and other characteristics of the offered fantail pigeons. Even if you pay little more, you should not compromise on the best features.

Get one today, and be a proud owner of an Indian fantail pigeon. It will add attraction to any function which is very reputable and auspicious.

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