African American Prom Hairstyles

African American prom hairstyles have changed in so many ways over the past few decades as African American women continue to try to set different fashion trends. Learn about the most popular African American prom hairstyles that can certainly turn h

Down Look

Worn down prom hairstyles are most of the time accentuated with extensions to make the hair look even more sophisticated and fuller. Even long locks can be styled and worn down in various styles, and are usually chosen by African American teenagers. The wavy down look is among the African American prom hairstyles that can be done with medium length and long hair. It is best maintained with mousse or hairspray. This hairstyle creates a casual look and can also be accessorized. However, it is important that the hair accessories be placed properly. Accessories should be added to the side or the back of the hairdo and not to the middle part in the front.


The bouffant hairstyle was a trend in the ‘60s and has continuously been reinvented in various ways. This is also among the most common African American prom hairstyles. While this kind of hairstyle is very intricate in nature, it is compatible with the texture of African American hair as it lets the up-dos hold up even without any pins or hairsprays. Most women also accessorize this hairstyle with a tiara or any jewel that can be clipped on the side of the bouffant.

There are some modern versions of the bouffant, which include loosely curled or long straight locks in the back while pulling up the sides and with a low ponytail in the back. Some complicated African American prom hairstyles like bouffant can be done more easily these days because of the many root lifting products around along with Velcro rollers and blow dryers.


One of the classic African American prom hairstyles is the long soft sweep up hairstyle. This is ideal for wavy or curly hair, so women with straight hair would usually need to use a curling or waving iron to pull out this style. In an up-sweep do, the crown is hidden under the soft curls which are pinned with some hair sticks. Some African American women even put braids on the sides to make it look more fashionable.

Up-sweep hairstyles can pretty much rely on the neckline of the dress, the thickness of hair as well as the shape of a woman’s face. The beauty of this hairstyle is also defined by the hair pulled away from the face. An up-sweep do is usually decorative and very graceful, making it ideal not only for prom nights but for any formal occasion as well.

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