Belgian Chocolate Cake

Interested in the Belgian chocolate cake? Discover the uniqueness of cakes made using Belgian chocolate.

When it comes to the world of cakes there is nothing that compares with good old chocolate as the number one flavoring. If the chocolate used is Belgian then the magnificence of the cake is further accentuated. This is why Belgian chocolate cakes are considered to be the finest of them all out there.

Belgian chocolates are famous around the world for being the world’s best chocolate. They are made using top quality ingredients. Interestingly the Belgians have retained the richness of their chocolates by choosing the traditional techniques of making chocolate over the modern means of mass production. When chocolate of this standard is used in some delicious cake recipes the out come can be finger licking good.

Sinful Chocolate Cake

As the name suggests, this delicious chocolate cake is simply too hard to resist. You can actually get your guests quarrelling over their share of the Sinful Chocolate cake. This unique cake has a texture quite like chocolate mousse. It has thin and crunchy layers of walnut brownie running through it.  It is held in its shape by delicious Belgian chocolate shards. This Belgian chocolate cake is served with rich chocolate fudge sauce at its best.

One bite of this cake will give you an idea of how truly sinful it is. The sugar overload will have your body tingling the moment you dig your teeth into the Sinful chocolate cake. The mousse like texture of the cake gives it a rather gooey and very chewy feel.

Belgian Brick Cake

This solid brick cake is the traditional master piece of Belgian baking. This cake consists of a chocolate pound cake covered with a layer of thin chocolate ganache. The top of the cake is nicely decorated using chocolate discs with chopped nuts adding the final touch.

The Belgian chocolate cake is known for its denseness and extremely dark color. In fact eating this cake seems as though you are feasting on pure Belgian chocolate. The rich and silky taste of the Belgian chocolate is not very sweet especially when compared to its sinful counterpart. It is the use of top quality Belgian dark chocolate that gives the cake its bittersweet taste.

250 Grams

If you are looking for an easy to bake Belgian chocolate cake then this particular recipe incorporates everything in the measure of 250 grams. You will end up making a fudgy brown tantalizing treat for your taste buds with this recipe.

The list of ingredients includes salted butter, caster sugar, bittersweet dark chocolate and ground almonds. You will start off by creating a butter and chocolate mixture. You will add this to an egg yolk and caster sugar mixture prepared concurrently. Next up you’ll add the ground almonds and then set the mixture into your baking tray to bake. Lastly pour rich hot melted Belgian chocolate on top of the baked cake to put the finishing touches.

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