Belgian Chocolate Truffles

Interested in Belgian chocolate truffles? Get a taste of these unique bite size treats native to the country of Belgium in our information guide.

Belgian chocolate truffles are one of the most valued cultural treasures of Belgium. They are considered to be the ideal gift item to give to someone to show you care. At the same time they speak of the person’s class as only a person with taste would go for Belgian chocolate truffles.

This unique treat native to the country of Belgium is a collection of gourmet chocolate sweets. The construction of these bite sized treats is composed of a hard round ganache with a chocolate core and cocoa powder topping. This is the basic structure of the Belgian truffle but they are available in a wide variety of flavors.

What’s in the name?

An interesting fact regarding Belgian truffles is the story behind its name. The sweet treat gets its name from the truffle fungus because it bears a lot of physical similarities with it. As unappetizing as it may sound, this is how Belgian chocolate truffles got their name.

The Belgian Truffle Inside Out

The outer shell, known as the ganache is actually a term inherited from the French language. This term is used for the concoction of chocolate with heavy cream on the outside. The shell is made using a heavy cream which is made to boil and then poured over chocolate bits. This mixture is then blended until it becomes totally smooth.

The nature of this outer shell varies according to the particular kind of truffle that is being prepared. Generally though, it consists of two parts of chocolate with one part of cream. Every Belgian chocolate truffle maker has its own secret recipe for making the ganache.

In its essence the Belgian truffle is a combination of the ganache with supreme Belgian chocolate. In order to produce varying flavors chocolate makers add a variety of liquors and essences to the ganache. The truffle mixture is then formed into the shape of a ball, showered with cocoa powder and dipped into a bowl of icing.

Belgium is not the only country that produces truffles. In fact Switzerland and America have their own variations of the truffle. But when it comes to the richness of the chocolates none of them compare to Belgian chocolate truffles which is why they are considered to be the best.

Making the Belgian Truffle

The best thing about Belgian truffles is that they are relatively easy to make. Anyone can try their hands at making Belgian chocolate truffles. All you need is some top quality Belgian cooking chocolate, instant coffee, sugar icing, egg yolk and unsalted butter.

Start off by breaking the chocolate into little pieces and melting them into a pot. Next up add the butter and create a smooth mixture. On the side mix the egg yolk, coffee and sugar together and refrigerate to chill without letting it get too hard.

When the chocolate mixture becomes medium hard use a scooper to turn them into balls. You can even use your hands to form the balls and then dip them into cocoa powder and sugar icing and you will have delicious Belgian chocolate truffles ready to enjoy.

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