Belgian Hare

Interested in the Belgian hare? Find out about this unique looking rabbit native to the country of Belgium in our information guide.

The country of Belgium is home to some of the most unique animals in the world. The Belgian hare is yet another unique looking animal that adds to the collection. It is a domesticated rabbit native to the country of Belgium and has been bred in such a manner that they have close similarities with hares.

Unlike the conventional rabbit the Belgian hare has a rather sleek and wiry body. It has a rather long and fragile boned skeleton. The Belgian hare has a set of remarkably long ears and back feet. The unique appearance of the Belgian hare has earned it the title of “Race Horse of the Rabbit Fancy.”

The breed standard

The only recognized color for the Belgian rabbit is red. You will also be able to find the Belgian hare in black and tan as well. On rare occasions a pure white Belgian hare with a set of haunting ruby eyes can also be seen. The entire color range is quite appealing but only the red Belgian rabbit can participate in a show as it is the only variation accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

This large rabbit has become a popular pet around the world. A full grown Belgian hare can exceed nine pounds hence Belgian hare owners will need to provide an ample amount of space to the Belgian hare. When it comes to the Belgian hare’s diet we find it requires a lot more food than the ordinary rabbit. This is primarily due to the fact that the Belgian hare has a fast metabolism rate.

History of the Belgian hare

The very first batch of Belgian hares was bred in the country back in the 19th century. It wasn’t until the end of the 1800’s that the Belgian hare made its way into America. It was in the United States that the Belgian hare gained world wide fame as it was made to participate in shows. As a result hoards of Belgian hare clubs were formed across the nation. The craze went to such an extent that the price for Belgian hares could reach up to a thousand dollars. The rise to fame came in quick speed but was short lived. By the 1920’s the Belgian hare population began to decline and today it is one of the rare rabbit breeds in the world.

Belgian hare as pets

Belgian hares are renowned for possessing a high level of intellect. They are considered to be the smartest of all rabbits. Not only do Belgian hares have demanding nutritional requirements rather you also need to engage it in plenty of activity because of the excess amount of energy that it possesses. The good looking rabbit is however quite fragile and needs special care as a pet or a show rabbit. Their character is such that they make excellent pets and can give you hours of entertainment with their wit.

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