Belgian Horse Colors

Interested in Belgian horse colors? Read our information guide to find out about the spectrum of colors that this giant horse is available in.

Belgian chocolates are not the only big thing to have originated from the country. The real big thing which is actually famous for its massive size is the Belgian horse which is a native of the country. You will get to see this giant draft horse in an array of spectacular colors that give it a magnificent appearance for all to marvel at.

The Belgian horse is primarily a performance horse. Traditionally it was used to plough the land on farms but in later years it became popular for horse riding and other performance based sport. But the Belgian is not all about performance. Rather it is a horse that has become popular for its amazing looks which is partly due to the spectacular colors in which it is found.

The color spectrum of the Belgian horse:


Although the Belgian horse is available in a wide array of colors if there was any color that was to be considered as the trademark color for the big horse it would be palomino. This is a tanned brown that almost appears to be reddish in nature. Palomino Belgian horses have the color spread across their backs and the bulk of their body. But as you descend down the bottom of the stomach and the lower legs of the horse are colored in white giving it a booted appearance. The front of its face and nose is also white and it has beautiful blonde hair giving it the trade mark Belgian appearance.


Belgian horses in this blazing brown color have a very gracious appeal. This is the color of beautiful horses and is often referred to as the blaze sorrel. Sorrel Belgian horses have a single tone running through out their body but have the lower part of their legs in a contrasting white giving that same booted appearance. Sorrel Belgian horses have a lesser amount of white on their bodies as compared to the Palomino horses. It sports a similar colored mane as the Palomino.


Grey is another popular color found on the Belgian horse. The grey is slightly mixed with white giving the Belgian horse a unique appearance. The whitish grey tail and mane add to the appeal of the horse further magnifying its magnificence.


Another classic color found on the Belgian horse is bay. This is a shiny mustard like color that gives the horse a very elegant appeal. As is characteristic of the Belgian horse its feet, mane and tail sport a lighter tint of brown, which can actually be classified as blonde. This is the reason why you will find some people calling it the bay blonde horse.

Irrespective of the particular color you go for there is one thing that all Belgian horses have in common and that is their big size and hard working temperament. Contrary to their massive size Belgian horses have a very sweet and docile personality and display a high level of patience. They are renowned for being able to pull enormous amounts of weight and when can be very quick on their feet if made to gallop in the fields.

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