Belgian Malinois For Sale

Interested in Belgian Malinois for sale? Find out what you need to know when it comes to buying this cousin of the German Shepherd.

Known to be one of the most beautiful varieties of the shepherd dog, the Belgian Malinois is a popular dog that is much more than your ordinary pet dog. This particular breed was acknowledged in the US back in 1959 and since then has continued to grow in terms of popularity. Today there are hosts of dog breeders offering the Belgian malinois for sale.

A dog’s life

One of the things that set the Belgian Malinois apart is the fact that it seems to know what its purpose in life is. This is because this particular breed of dog is known for being a top notch personal security dog. It is no wonder that this short haired dog has found its way into the police forces as well as the military. The Belgian Malinois is also a favorite guard dog breed and prepared for home owners looking for a protection dog.

The shepherd with a difference

Although the Belgian Malinois stems off from the German Shepherd family it is distinctively different especially in terms of its body structure. It has much lighter bones than its cousin and is smaller in size as well.

Many of the dog breeders offering Belgian Malinois for sale make them go through top level training by professional handlers of the breed. This prepares a highly effective, well trained and well manned protection dog that serves as a great companion dog as well.

There are a couple of things that interested individuals need to take into consideration when looking to buy Belgian Malinois. Know that carefully bred variations of the dog turn out to be very well balanced and very easy to manage. Hence you should exercise great caution when locating a particular breeder for the purchase.

The Belgian Malinois has risen in popularity in recent years. In fact recent trends show that it is being favored over the ever popular German shepherd. The country of Netherlands has 90% of its dog force made up of this breed whereas the German shepherd makes up the remaining 10%. A couple of years ago the trend was completely opposite of what it is today.

Interested individuals can get in touch with breeders through the internet. It is important to make sure that the breeders you make the purchase from have a government license as there is plenty of shady business in the dog business.

The demand for Belgian Malinois is relative to a number of factors including color, coat, size and age. Generally you will be able to get your hands on Belgian Malinois puppies between a range of $900 to 1,200. Trained dogs are however a little more costly than the pups because of the increased investment that has gone in their upbringing and training.

Make sure you obtain a certificate of health for any dog that you are interested in. You should also obtain a list of the current vaccinations that the dog has received.

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