Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

Interested in the Belgian shepherd Tervuren dog? Find out about the unique qualities and characteristics of this Belgian dog in our information guide.

The Belgian shepherd Tervuren is a medium sized dog that falls under the category of the Belgian shepherd dog family. The classification of this dog has been disputed with some countries recognizing it as a breed in its own right whereas others claiming it to be one of the variations of the standard Belgian shepherd.


In terms of its overall structure the Tervuren differs little from the standard Belgian shepherd. Reaching a maximum height of twenty six inches the Tervuren has a squarely proportioned body. The female is smaller than the male and has a slightly slender body.

The body of the dog is covered with an extremely thick double coat that is most commonly mahogany in color covered with a black over lay. The nose, cheeks and ears of the Tervuren sport a black mask as well. You will also find the tips of the paws of the Tervuren and its chest to showcase a small patch of white.


Belgian Tervurens possess an overwhelming amount of energy which requires its owners to keep it engaged in some sort of activity. Coupled with its intelligence the Tervuren will always seek a job to keep it occupied. Traditionally it has been used for herding purposes, agility and obedience sports as well as protection and tracking tasks.

Although the Tervuren is more often kept for practical purposes it makes a very loyal companion forming “death do us part” bonds with families. Due to their high level of attentiveness and observant nature they make excellent guard dogs. Gifted with a brilliant sense of smell they can pick up changes in the environment in an instant.

High maintenance dog

When the Turvuren is trained to perfection it can realize its full potentials and thereby become a superb dog. Any shortcomings in the training process may develop a sense of nervousness in the dog. Hence it is important to engage the Turvuren in active socialization from the start.

Due to the sensitive nature of the Belgian Turvuren dog it is not recommended for first time dog owners. These dogs have a high standard of maintenance which new dog owners will not be able to maintain and this would thereby hamper the dog’s development, both physically and mentally.

The Tervuren requires extensive grooming due to the thick double coat that it is endowed with. This requires dog owners to regularly brush the dog in order to remove all the loose hair from the undercoat. One thing about the coat of the dog that is is the fact that it does not matt easily. In its natural state the coat of the Tervuren is a bit hard and lies flat against its body.

The very stance of the Turvuren gives a sense of alertness along with a touch of elegance. It is a highly versatile dog able to perform a wide variety of tasks. Their intelligence has long charmed those people that own them and their trainability and unique sense of humor are appreciable qualities as well.

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