Leonidas Belgian Chocolate

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Leonidas is the name of a world renowned Belgian company involved in the production of top quality Belgian chocolates. The company is credited for producing over a hundred different varieties of exquisite Belgian chocolates which are consumed all over the world.

With fourteen hundred outlets spread all over the world Leonidas reaches out to people in many different cultures. Leonidas has been in the chocolate business for over a century and their quality and innovativeness has only improved with time.

Unique Belgian chocolates

Leonidas Belgian chocolates are renowned for their freshness and the use of top quality ingredients. Even in these modern times where everything is machine made, the company prefers to make use of traditional methods. This is one of the biggest factors that contribute to the company’s success as it lends their products exclusiveness.

Special ingredients in Leonidas Belgian chocolates

The use of all natural cocoa butter for the purpose of coating the chocolates keeps them pure. Fresh cream and butter are also the key components of Leonidas Belgian chocolates.

The company makes use of some very interesting and unique ingredients in some of their chocolate recipes. Take for example the use of hazelnuts especially imported from Turkey. Another exquisite ingredient is the Morello cherry which is imported from Perigord. Walnuts from Grenoble and almonds from Italy are also used in Leonidas Belgian chocolate treats. These are just some of the examples of the fine ingredients that the company makes use of in its recipes.

Maintaining high standards

Although the company favors the use of traditional methods for preparing the chocolates, it has adopted the latest technology in other aspects of chocolate production, namely to guarantee its freshness, safety and quality. Systems like Hazard analysis and critical control points system help the company to maintain the high standard of their products.

Today Leonidas chocolates are popular amongst the masses who love to indulge in their wide range of products. Leonidas Belgian chocolates also make great gifts for any occasion showing that you care and that you’ve got style.

Built on strong principles

Leonidas Kestekides is the man credited for founding this giant company. It was Kestekides who laid down the strong principles for the company that paved the way for its success. This is why the company makes no compromise when it comes to quality.

The company balances its use of traditional methods by incorporating new technology where it matters. One of the things that have contributed to the company’s success is the fact that it continues to surprise the masses with new and innovative Belgian chocolate products based on different flavors.

The company sends its own deputies to the richest cocoa growing regions of Africa in order to bring back top quality cocoa. This top quality cocoa is used to create a plethora of different Belgian chocolates that are a source of pleasure to people from all around the world. With over a hundred years of experience under its belt Leonidas is still adamant on producing the most refined chocolate and the best products in the world of chocolate.

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