Native American Indian Rings

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Native Americans are renowned as being excellent makers of exquisite jewelry. Amongst the various jewelry articles they produce are rings. Their rings are characterized by unique concepts that are sacred to them and at the same time they are a marvel of their superior craftsmanship.

Native American Indians Rings are gaining popularity even today. Some interesting varieties are listed below:

Vintage Native Indian Sterling Silver

This particular ring is a product of the Harvey Era and features three beautiful green stones. They are set in place by crimped bezels. The ring features a stamping with side arrows on it. This particular ring is actually to be worn on the toe and is made using high quality sterling silver.

Small Native American Indian Pinky Turquoise Ring

This is an adorable small ring that is to be worn on the pinky. It features the popular Turquoise stone from Native American tradition. The stone is held perfectly in place with a saw tooth bezel. This piece offers trademark Native American style for the ladies.

Native American Black Onyx Ladies Ring

Make a profound fashion statement with elegance with this Black Onyx ring. The ring has been designed to the Navajo style and features a black onyx nugget smack in the center. A beautiful intricate design of a leaf and silver drops lend character to the sterling silver ring.

Navajo Oval Ladies Ring

This Navajo ring is a true joy to wear. The hard to miss ring has a beautiful design of twirling branches with a beige oval nugget sitting smack in the center. The design also features an intricate leaf along with a drop and loop making it a rather animated Native American Indian ring.

Multicolor American Indian Ladies Ring

Colors play an important role in Native American Indian jewelry. They would often use different colored gemstones to give their ring designs some character. This one features multi colored stones set in an inlay design.

Turquoise Flower Ladies Ring

This particular Native American style ring has been given the shape of a blossomed flower. A turquoise nugget takes the central space in the ring giving it a majestic appeal. The ring is large in size and very hard to miss on a delicate finger.

Thunderbird Turquoise Oval Ring

This design is not really as aggressive as it sounds. Rather it features a legendary Native American theme of an enormous bird which is believed to cause thunder, rain and lightening. True to the Native Indian traditions then one is a must buy for anyone with a liking for the Native Indian Culture. However this special ring is actually for the men.

Brownstone with Black Matrix Ring

This is a rather unique ring featuring a very rare brown stone. This is complimented by a beautiful black matrix making the ring drop dead gorgeous. The two stones are surrounded by eight sterling silver raindrops thereby giving the ring a great appeal.

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