French Country Fabric

Want to buy authentic French country fabric? Do you know about the different designes and styles of French country fabric? Our guide gives you the facts & informatin you want to know.

For a long time France has been known to be a center of European fashion and indeed the rest of the world. French country fabric is rich in quality and comes in a variety of colors and designs. No wonder that French country fabrics are sought world wide.  Popular colors of French fabrics include sunny yellow, bright fiery red, bright green, golden, soft ocean color, and dark hunter green colors. All these colors make the French decoration refreshingly distinct and bright looking.

French Country Fabric Styles

French country fabrics come in wide variety of elegant designs that suit your particular decoration needs. Some of the main designs would include a long list of various options such as the Jacquards which comes in Beaucaire Extra-wide Yardage (price: $59.00 per yard) and are available in 116-inch wide sheet, made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. there is also the Cigale Extra-wide Yardage: price ($59.00 per yard) which is made of 55 % cotton and 45 % polyester.

Provencal Prints are also popular forms of French country fabrics and they are available in different shades and designs. Some of the popular designs include Avignon Collection (price: $ 32 per yard). These are 100% cotton French country fabric and come in two designs, the Avignon Stripe Yardage and Avignon Coordinate Yardage. Bastide Collection is another variant of Provencal Prints (price: $32 per yard). These are also 100% pure cotton fabrics available in 3 designs, Bastide Yardage Lavender, Bastide Yardage White, and Bastide Yardage Ochre.

Then there is the Esterel Collection (price: $32 per yard).. These also are 100% cotton French country fabric and come in four beautiful designs, Esterel Yardage Blue, Esterel Yardage Red Saint-Tropez Yardage Red, and Saint-Tropez Yardage Blue.

The Chateauvert Collection: it is available in several designs such as Chateauvert Stripe Yardage (blue, red and yellow) Chateauvert Coordinate Yardage (in blue, red and yellow) while the Lavender Bouquet Collection: (Price-$32 per yard) comes in two distinct styles, Lavender Bouquet Yardage and Lavender Bouquet Coordinate Yardage.

Then there is the coated French country Fabric, with some of famous designs like the Chateauvert Acrylic, a coated Yardage (price $ 35 per yard) available in Blue, green and red prints. They are made of plastic coated fabrics and look very natural and Non-glossy.

You would also want to consider Toils which are made of 100% cotton fabric and look extraordinary beautiful and comes in two designs, the Ming Yardage with colors Gold/Red, green and red (Price is $ 59.00 per yard) and the Pastorale Extra-wide Yardage available in blue and red (price $59.00 per yard)

Then finally worth of mention also is the fabric called Quilter’s Squares. These again are 100 percent cotton French country fabric and come in numerous designs and colors with some of the popular designs being Avignon, Bastide, Beaucaire, Lavender Bouquet, Esterel, Chateauvert, Mirabeau, Ming, Lisa, Paradou, tradition, and Pastora

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