French Door Frosted Glass

French door frosted glass makes for versatile doors for the interiors, as they allow light diffusion without compromising privacy. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Frosted glass has long been used in offices and various commercial establishments. However, they are now being used for designing doors and windows for homes. Frosted glass French doors are gaining popularity as they add to the utility of the traditional French door unit. They not only let in light like plain glass doors but also allow privacy as they are not transparent.

Interior & Exterior French Door Glass

Frosted glass French doors come in a wide range of designs and styles to suit the interior décor of homes. Framed doors are well-suited for country-style homes, whereas frameless models are trendier for contemporary homes. Full-glass doors are in vogue today, as they allow for a variety of etched patterns that match the room or the interior. They can be installed in any space, including the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The main characteristic that distinguishes frosted glass doors is their capability to diffuse light while obstructing view. They are becoming popular for kitchen cabinet doors, closets and even laundry room doors. In commercial establishments, the exterior doors are designed as full-glass paired doors with the company’s logo or name etched on them. Many people also install them as entry doors for their homes, with their names etched on the glass.

Frosted Glass Patterns

The patterns on frosted glass doors range from dainty floral patterns to stylish crisscross lines and borders. Lettering is also common in entry doors of offices, shops and homes. Sand-blasting techniques and acid-etching methods are commonly used to create the frosted effect on glass panes. Usually, the desired pattern is produced by placing the relevant stencil on a clear pane of glass, and applying the sand-blasting technique on the remaining area. Commonly used patterns are floral patterns, bold zigzag lines and borders. Designers also etch customized patterns, such as graphics, logos and names.

Frosting Sprays

Installing new frosted glass doors may not be a hassle, but creating this effect on existing doors using acid-etching and sand-blasting methods can be expensive. However, it is possible to create a frosted effect in a more economical way by using frosting sprays. First, a frosting film is applied on the plain glass of the French door. Once the film is well-set without trapped air bubbles, frosting spray is sprayed on the glass using even strokes in order to create a smooth finish. Finally, the glass is painted with acrylic wall glaze, which becomes opaque when it dries.

Frosted glass French doors render a bright and lively atmosphere to the interiors. The variety of designs and patterns can transform any dull room into a vibrant space and create a positive feel.  They are increasingly used for interior doors that connect different rooms, mainly because of the property of frosted glass to allow light and obscure view.

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