Dry Cure Brazilian Cigars

Dry Cure Brazilian cigars are manufactured using a special process to create cigars that need not be stored in a humidifier but can even be kept at the normal room temperature. Read our guide below for more facts and information…

The state of Bahia is well known for its rich and fertile soil excellent for growing tobacco leaves. Most Brazilian cigars are produced here and are exported to the rest of the world. The most renowned tobacco from Brazil has been ‘dark tobacco’ called ‘Mata Fina Tobacco’. Its rich aromatic fragrance and dark blackish brown color is its trademark, and it is used as the wrapper for premium long cigars.

Manufacturing Dry Cured Cigars

Lately, dry cure Brazilian cigars have become a rage amongst cigar aficionados. These cigars are manufactured by the slow baking process and as a result they require low humidity which is possible even at normal room temperature. Hence, the need for a humidor is just not there. Not just the low humidity required, but even the small size of these dry cured cigars make them a hot favourite as they can be easily carried around in the pocket.

Tobacco Used

These cigars are generally spicier than the conventional cigars. To add to the rich spicy taste Brazilian, Sumatran and Indonesian tobacco is used in them. Being smaller in size, you can have a short smoke as and when you need one; be it a coffee break or just a small smoke after a meal, these dry cured cigars are just the right thing you need to invigorate your senses. These cigars are guaranteed to give you a smooth, mild yet intoxicating smoke. The best part about them is the price too, as they are quite reasonable compared to the conventional long cigars.

Dannemann Speciale Brasil

Created by Geraldo Danneman in 1873, Dannemann Speciale Brasil cigars are known for their rich, creamy, smooth, aromatic and spicy smoke since time immemorial. They are undoubtedly the most popular dry cured cigar in cigar cafes across the world. Wrapped in the authentic Brazilian brown wrapper, the taste you experience with every puff you take is amazing.

The popularity for dry cured cigars is more prevalent in European countries compared to the US, with France topping the list. One of the reasons why these cigars have not really captured the American market is that here they are priced similar to a large humidified cigar making it not a sensible choice for the consumers.


The wrappers used most commonly for dry cured cigars are Brazil, Java, Connecticut, Cameroon, Sumatra and Indonesia. The dry cured Brazilian cigars have a spicy and tangy flavor, which is very popular. The Connecticut cigars are mild and sweet whereas the rest are mild and nutty in flavor.

Fillers for Dry Cured Cigars

The fillers for dry cured cigars are procured from various countries like Mexico, Columbia, Indonesia, Ecuador, Honduras, USA, Cuba and Dominican Republic. These cigars are also available with various flavors like cognac, anisette and rum to enhance the experience.

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