Chinese Girls Names

Chinese Girls Names

Interested in Chinese girls names? Get an overview of some of the best & most popular Chinese names for girls.

A new born baby girl is a gift from God. The name you choose for your baby is the first and most long lasting gift that parents give to their new born. Many people are attracted towards Chinese names for girls. There is obvious reason behind this and that is the fact that Chinese names have a unique sound that makes them stand out amongst others.

Short, Simple and Sweet Chinese Girls Names

If you are looking for a name for your new born girl then you would want to keep a name that captures the essence of the feminine characteristics that women are naturally endowed with. There are many such names in the Chinese collection. You will be able to find such short yet beautiful Chinese names for your little princess.

Amongst the short and sweet names is De. This particular name is spelled using only two letters in English which makes it short enough to remember easily and you won’t have your daughter making any spelling mistakes with this one. De actually means virtuous which is a great meaning for a baby girl’s name.

Yi is another short and sweet name for baby girls from the Chinese collection. This particular name, which means “comfortable”, has a very distinct Chinese flavor. Any one who will hear this name will instantly be able to associate it with the Chinese culture. Zi is yet another one in the collection of short and sweet names that sounds like the last letter of the English alphabet but actually means “growing”.

Melodic Chinese Girls Names

One of the things that attract people to Chinese girls names is their flow and delivery. Since the Chinese language itself has very different pronunciations the collection of names also has certain very melodic and flowing names.

Amongst the various melodic names “Jia” definitely deserves mention. Although the name is small it has a very nice sound to it and an ambiance that is much bigger than its spelling. This name seems to have a lot of character, endowed with virtuous qualities that are liked in a woman. The name translates to mean beautiful.

Similarly you have the name Cai. This name has a very different melody as compared to Jia but is nonetheless quite unique. If you value your daughter then the name Cai is a great choice as it means wealth.

Lian is a slightly longer but a very interesting name. This name too, seems to posses a lot of character. It has the delicacy of the female form yet the confidence and personality that makes it strong. Lian actually means link in the local lingo.

The name lei is quite a common Chinese name used for girls. Lei actually means “thunder” which is what makes it a rather unusual name to keep for a girl.  There are plenty of other similar melodic names to choose from such as Mei meaning beautiful and Niu simply meaning girl.

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