Cheap Houses in Bulgaria

Are you considering purchasing a house in Bulgaria? Does your budget mean you are looking for a cheap property to enjoy either as a primary or holiday residence? Read our guide for more facts and information…


Dobrich is a city known for its administrative capacity and is located in the north-eastern part of the country; the property is just outside of the city itself which means the property owner will be able to enjoy the country life with nearby modern amenities. The house is 15km away from the town meaning that the area it is located in is a prime location for hunting; it is also important to note that it is close to a highway and the road leading to the property is paved. The property is available for the price of 8000 Euros. For this low price you will be able to enjoy a home that is 60 square metres with a large garden expanding the property size. The house is one floor and features two rooms plus an additional out building; it is important to note that the property is equipped with running water and electricity.


If the north-eastern part of the country is not appealing to you perhaps a cheap home in the north-western town of Sungurlare will hold more appeal. This property is listed for the price of 10 800 Euros and includes a home that is 80 square metres along with a big garden. The home is a two-storey building, which includes four rooms plus a basement. The home is about an hour’s drive from the larger city of Burgas; however, the nearby village offers most basic facilities including a post office. The property is also about an hour drive from the beaches and is close to two additional lakes meaning that fishing is readily available to the residents.


If living near the Bulgarian capital Sofia is your desire, for the cheap price of 9000 Euros you can enjoy a home 40km outside of the city. The home is located near a river and the mountains offering a beautiful scenic view for the home owners and again offers the natural requirement for hunting and fishing. The house itself is 80 square metres which includes a basement and three rooms. The road leading to the property is a dirt road, which may be considered a drawback, but other amenities such as running water, electricity and a sceptic tank are all available.


Finally, if you are interested in a cheap property in the south of Bulgaria a home in Elhovo may be right for you. This property is available for the low price of 3200 Euros and amazingly the property is close to the Black Sea and is surrounded by forest. The house itself is 42 square metres and the garden is an additional 1000 square metres. The home is divided into three rooms and one entrance hall and also includes running water and a sceptic tank. It is also a plus that the home is approached by a paved road improving and easing the access.

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