Svilengrad Bulgaria

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Svilengrad is a municipality in Bulgaria and the town borders the neighbouring countries of Turkey and Greece. The city located in the heart of the Haskovo province is home to over 20 000 people, most of whom are native to Bulgaria but some are citizens of the nearby bordering regions meaning that the city offers cultural diversity not found in many other regions of the country. The city is located in the southern part of the region meaning that the city offers scenic views typical of Bulgaria which include seeing the Rhodope Mountains to the west and the southwest and the Maritsa River which flows to the west of the city. It is also of note that the residents of this southern city enjoy the benefits of a mild climate which allows them to enjoy the best of all seasons without ever enduring scorching heat or the frigid cold.


The southern part of the country did not originally belong to Bulgaria as instead it was part of the Ottoman Empire or what is today known as the country of Turkey. The city today, still demonstrates its old world influences through the architecture and some of the cultural aspects. The town was eventually ceded to its modern day nation when the Ottoman Empire was paying reparations after the First Balkan War. Today, the city is much more relaxed as the nation has evolved into a state of relative peace and the city is most famous for its exceptional fruit trees.

Living in Svilengrad

The town itself is relatively low key and small in relation to larger cities but the city offers all of the necessities and many extras that are necessary to enjoy life in the city. The town is home to two cinemas, three DVD rental shops, and one library and also features a pedestrian only street in the downtown that is lined with bars, cafes, and clubs. The town is also home to the Bulgarian Football Club known as FC Svilengrad which was founded in the year 1921 and currently plays in the B division of the professional ranks.

This city also enjoys higher levels of employment in relation to other nearby villages in part due to the industry created by its proximity to the border. Many residents are able to find work at one of the busiest land border crossings in Eastern Europe as people are required to work not only in the border patrol but also in the customs department. Also, due to the closeness of the borders there is a strong industry for tourism and accommodations as from the city it is possible to enjoy the culture and atmosphere of three distinct countries. Finally, many individuals are able to obtain employment in the administrative field as the city serves as the administrative centre for the province that it is in.

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