Burmese Ruby Rings

Want to buy a Burmese Ruby ring or earrings? Read our guide for tips on how to buy Burmese ruby rings and earrings…

Once you have decided to buy a ruby ring or earring, the next big step is to decide what type of ruby you want in your ring or earring.
If the ring you are buying is for a special occasion such as a wedding, engagement or anniversary, opting for a Burmese ruby ring is the best choice. These rings are hard on the pockets and may cost a bit more than a diamond ring, but it expresses your love in a very unique way.

If just a Burmese ruby setting is too much for you, you can add rubies to the traditional diamond ring, giving it more color and setting it apart from the mundane diamond solitaire. One of the best designs to put Burmese rubies into, are the three stone variety, also called past, present and future. You may use one Burmese ruby with two diamonds or vice versa. This also gives you the option of varying the ruby’s size according to how much you can afford.

If you think rings are too much, and you would rather give your ruby or buy your ruby in a subtle way, buying ruby earrings with small rubies is the ideal thing to do. Always remember that if a large Burmese ruby is set in the piece of jewelry you are about to buy and is for only for a few hundred dollars, it is not an original Burmese ruby and is probably heat treated. This is not what you want for an occasion as special as your engagement or your wedding. Burmese rubies are deep red and often seem like glowing embers from a fire. They are also called Pigeon’s blood red rubies and will make any ring seem grander.

You can also buy a Burmese ruby ring or earrings for the stone’s significance as July’s birthstone. If you or your spouse is born in July, add more meaning to the wedding or engagement ring by incorporating this brilliant gemstone into your ring’s setting. This will give you double the sentimental value, year after year.

If you are not satisfied with the existing setting of the stones in your Burmese ruby ring, ask for a set where you can change the gems around according to what you like better. Remember that the Burmese ruby shines at its best when set in a gold setting. You can choose from 18 to 22 K of gold depending on your monetary limits. This will make it look grander and richer.

If the kind of cut you are looking for is not available in the newly designed Burmese ruby ring, you have the option of looking into vintage jewelry. A lot of good Burmese ruby rings are available in vintage styling, adding both class and a little bit of history to your hands. Chose from a variety of intricately worked upon gold bands or bands with filigree.

If you cannot find a Burmese ruby ring or earring that is according to your specifications, you can order a Burmese ruby online and then get it made in the setting of your choice. Alternatively, you can go through the wide selection of rings and earrings available online.
Whatever cut or style of Burmese ruby ring to chose, its romantic red hue and delicate cut will definitely make your already special day into a more spectacular one.

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