Fenton Burmese Vases

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Although many glassmakers nowadays produce marvelous vases in the Burmese glass category, the variety that Fenton offers you in the Burmese range of vases is exceptional. The fact that Fenton has about 100 years of experience of making Burmese glass under its belt is what gives all its vases the uniqueness that everybody craves for when decorating their house.

The prices of Fenton Burmese vases range from $100 to about $600. This price range makes the vases suitable for all pockets. Even those people who are hesitant to spend money on these beautiful creations should realize that they are priceless one time buys.
As Fenton has a history in glassmaking from the Victorian time period, you may be lucky enough to come across a collectible vase from that era. Not only do these vases carry the value of surviving 100 years, but they were also created from the original uranium and pure gold method.

When making a choice about which Fenton Burmese vase to buy, just considering its price is not enough. Deciding what design you want is also equally important. There are thousands of designs to choose from, depending on what you like. If flowers are what your drawing room needs then the Fenton hand-painted Burmese vase No. 4855 is for you. It is from Fenton’s 2000 Centennial Collection and is a steal at $185. The fact that it has been personally signed by Bill Fenton adds to its splendor. The vase measures 9” in height and is decorated with white flowers and lush green leaves. No detail has been left out in making the fine design on this truly marvelous masterpiece.

If you are buying a Fenton Burmese vase as a gift for your mother, you do not have to decide on buying flowers and patterns. In fact, you can opt for Fenton’s 1950 Mother’s Day limited edition vase, which will express exactly how special your mother is to you. The vintage vase has been personally autographed by Fenton family members. Its price, $189, becomes an insignificant amount if held against the contentment that your mother will feel when she gets such a special gift.

Although the pale pink and yellow colors of the Fenton Burmese vases already make them look very delicate, those who are willing to go the extra mile can opt for intricately painted butterflies on their vase. The most perfect choice to make then is to buy Fenton hand-painted butterflies on Lotus Mist Burmese, or simple No. 8808. The lovely hand-painted vase will give the feeling of tranquility and peace no matter what room it entertains.

There are thousands of Fenton Burmese vases to choose from, but ensure that the piece you are buying is a part of the Fenton glass family.

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