Canada Goose Decoys

Are you looking to improve your hunting technique by using Canada Goose decoys? Do you want to know how to use a Canada Goose decoy? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Hunting is a popular hobby in Canada and around the world and using decoys can help to attract live birds to an area that you are positioned in. Canada Goose decoys are designed to lure live flocks of geese to an area that the hunter has chosen for a target. When using decoys it is important to remember that the hunter must be able to get off a good a shot; so positioning of the decoys is important. Decoys attract live geese to rest in the specified area; however, Canada Geese have very strong eyesight so it is recommended that the hunter is camouflaged to blend in with the surroundings. It is also a good idea to use blinds when hunting with decoys.

Decoy Designs

Canada Goose decoys are available from many hunting and outdoor stores across North America. Various companies produce decoys allowing hunters to select from a variety of styles and price points. Most companies that produce Canada Goose decoys focus on manufacturing products that are realistic and durable, as most hunters agree these are the most important features of a decoy. Some companies choose to hand paint the decoys in an attempt to create a more realistic appearance. The design of decoys also varies as there are different head and body positions to create a realistic appearance. The material and design of the decoy can also influence not only the appearance of the product but also where the decoy can be used. A few companies manufacture collapsible decoys, which are much lighter and perhaps more realistic as they move with the wind. Many hunters use decoys on land; however, decoys that are called floaters are also available for water use, although the hunter will require a retrieval method.

Decoy Set-Up

Canada Goose decoys are designed to attract live birds; however, it is also important to consider the setup of the decoys. When Canada Geese are flying they are frequently looking for places to rest and decoys can make a location more attractive to birds. Most hunters agree that multiple decoys are required to have any success in attracting birds as the decoys must simulate the appearance of a flock. This means that often a minimum of six decoys are used to help attract live birds. It is important that the decoys do not make the fake flock appear too big or too small as Canada Geese over time learn to detect decoy traps. Decoys can be used either on land or over water, with larger simulations usually being used on land. Also, if Canada Goose decoys are being used over water it is recommended to place some decoys on the nearby shore. Many hunters experiment with a pattern until they find what works best for them; however, some recommended patterns are either a half-moon shape or u-shape. Setting decoys up in a pattern works well at times; however, often it is random designs that appear the most natural. It has also been found that late in the hunting season it may be beneficial to change not only location but also to reduce the number of decoys used in order to continue your success.

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