Canada Goose Magnum Jacket

Do you live in a cold environment and are in need of a jacket? Are you considering purchasing a Canada Goose Magnum Jacket? Read our guide for more facts and information…

For over 50 years the company, Canada Goose has been supplying people around the world with apparel to withstand the extreme cold. The company has built a strong reputation on providing quality products that are comfortable, fashionable, and effective. The Canada Goose Magnum Jacket is but one of many products available from Canada Goose.


Canada Goose produces apparel for extreme weather conditions and is well known throughout the world. The apparel designed by Canada Goose is used by scientists in remote regions, Hollywood film crews, and most commonly by regular citizens around the world. The Canada Goose Magnum jacket is a popular choice for regular clients, who live in the Northern hemisphere as it provides the warmth of a heavy duty jacket while maintaining a casual look. The casual look offered by the Canada Goose Magnum jacket makes this product one of Canada Goose’s pieces most suited to everyday life.  The Canada Goose Magnum jacket is a full length piece, as it extends past the waist, offering additional protection against the elements.  The Canada Goose Magnum jacket is available at many licensed retailers for around $US 600, which many customers find reasonable for the protection it provides against the temperature and the wind.


The Canada Goose Magnum jacket is available in a variety of colours to suit your personal preference. The piece is available in old green, tan, stone grey and earth. The outer shell is made of an arctic tech fabric, which provides excellent wind protection. The exterior of the jacket also includes two large lower pockets that are secured with snaps.  The Canada Goose Magnum jacket also includes two chest pockets which are smaller in size. The jacket also has side zippers, which makes the exterior of the jacket breathable. The Canada Goose Magnum jacket also provides additional warmth as the hood features a ruff of detachable coyote fur.


The Canada Goose Magnum Jacket is available in a wide range of sizes extending from extra small up to extra large. The interior of the Canada Goose Magnum Jacket features a free hanging 100% nylon lining. This lining serves as a barrier to the all goose down insulation that allows the Canada Goose Magnum jacket to be effective in a variety of extreme conditions. The interior of the jacket is also functional as it offers an inside tech pocket to easily store electronic devices, such as i-pods, cell phones, GPS devices among many other devices. The Canada Goose Magnum jacket also continues its’ functionality as the jacket includes two additional interior pockets for storage. It is almost guaranteed to provide the wearer with not only excellent protection from the frigid temperatures found in many regions, but the jacket still remains comfortable and highly functional.

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