Noritake Leslie China Patterns

Looking for info on Noritake China patterns? Read our guide to learn more about Colburn, Reina, Glenwood, Sorrento, Tranquil Glen, Laurette, Adagio, Canton china patterns & more..

This popular Noritake pattern features tan flowers in a geometric arrangement on a wide cream band at the rim. The floral spray along with the filigree work gives it a very elegant look whereas the gold trim adds some class to the china. The graphic image is placed in the center as well as on the rims at equal distance from each other. The golden rim connects the graphic images on the rim creating an excellent symmetrical design.

Noritake Colburn

The pattern features a smart blue border with beautiful roses. A platinum trim goes around along with the verge. The pattern is placed in a spaced out manner yet the detail on the pattern is very impressive. You can search for Colburn with the pattern number 6107.

Noritake Reina

This particular Noritake china is a symbol of grace personified. The china is pure white on white with a pattern of flowers and leaves that is only visible from up close. The subtle nature of Reina adds a lot of class to the china. It can be searched using the pattern number 6450.

Noritake Glenwood

The pattern features pink roses on a gray tan background with platinum edging. Graphics of three pink roses in a bunch with the middle one larger than the other two are placed around the rim. The pink rendered leaves have bright green leaves surrounding them. Each graphic is connected with the other with the platinum banding.

Noritake Sorrento

Sorrento features a heavily decorated pattern combining fruits with blue scrolls and a cream band. The fruits are arranged in bunches and placed on the inner rim at equal distance from each other. This is a rather loud pattern with vibrant colors.

Noritake Tranquil glen

This particular pattern is definitely not something you would want to eat in on a daily basis. The exquisite design features keltcraft and a blue band going around the perimeter. A truly artistic painting of life like birds in motion occupies the central place in the composition. The unique border with a dark blue color and interesting graphics adds more exclusiveness to this Noritake chinaware. You can search for Tranquil Glen using the pattern number 9188.

Noritake Laurette

This is a rather simple pattern featuring white tan flowers with green leaves. A large composition of the flowers is placed smack in the center. A beautiful organic border follows the rim in the absence of banding. You can search for Laurette using the pattern number 5047.

Noritake Adagio

Adagio is a true work of art by Noritake. This 1978 pattern features a brilliant etched flower design. The floral sprays are spread around on an ivory surface giving the china a wonderful appeal. Adagio can be searched for using its pattern number 7237.

Noritake Canton

If you are looking for something different then Canton from Noritake is bound to catch your interest. The pattern features sprays from a bamboo tree in its natural gray, green and brown shades spread across the white china. Canton can be searched for using the pattern number 5027.

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