Canadian Army Tattoos

Looking for Canadian army tattoos? Want to know about all the different styles of army tattoos available? Read our guide for more information on choosing the right tattoo for you…

Armed soldiers in the Canadian army on occasion sport tattoos as part of their body art. Canadian army tattoos would be inked in the forearm or the upper arm. The design of the army tattoo depends on the personal preference of the soldier however profanity is barred in tattoos on the body. A maple leaf is one of the favorite Canadian army tattoos as it is the national symbol of the country. The soldier’s regiment or name would be tattooed beneath and around the maple leaf for distinctiveness.

Canadian army soldiers are loyal to their fighting unit and Canadian army tattoos that reflect their loyalty are symbols that are greatly cherished. Tattoos could take the form of the regiment’s or unit’s name or defining number. Tattoos are often proudly displayed and considered an honor to have.

Tattoos for soldiers cannot be inked above the neck or below the wrist. This is the requirement of the Canadian army. If your Canadian army tattoos are so large that part of them are revealed on your neck, then that portion of the tattoo must be permanently removed.

Designs For Army Tattoos

Among the many designs for Canadian army tattoos is one with a red maple leaf that is surrounded by small pistols, rifles or bullets. Another possible design involves various military armament that is flecked with parachutes and crosses. You could even have a broken heart with a bayonet in the center or a rifle surrounded with barbed wire. Banners with the word ‘Canada’ is a prime design and often embellished with the maple leaf symbol, signifying the Canadian nation.

Origins Of The Army Tattoo

In the past, an army tattoo or a military tattoo meant a drum performance of military band members. It originated in the British army in the 17th century when Britain was at war with the Netherlands and Belgium. The garrison drummers would ride out into the Dutch towns about 21:30 hours beating their drums as a signal for the British soldiers to return to barracks for the night as curfew was 22:00 hours.

Canadian army tattoos can be inked anywhere on the body of soldiers except above the neck and below the wrists. Most popular tattoos feature a red maple leaf and various firearms. Tattoos of insignias of the regiment are also common.

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