Canadian Fishing Lodges

Want to book a Canadian fishing lodge? Interested in learning more about Canadian fishing lodges? Read on for important facts and info on fishing lodges situated across Canada….

In the summer, most Canadians and a lot of tourists from the northern United States hit the Canadian fishing lodges to spend their vacations. Canada has probably the best and most abundant freshwater fishing in the world. The fish grow easily to trophy sizes due to the abundance of animal and plant life to feed on. Because of the large populations, the fish also live long lives before being caught and this helps them to grow to huge proportions.

Ontario – The Most Popular Fishing Destination in Canada

Ontario has the most fishing and the greatest number of lodges in the whole of Canada, more than the rest of the country combined. The province is blessed with thousands of lakes and rivers teeming with trophy walleye, northern pike, small mouth and large mouth bass, lake trout, rainbow trout, carp, and muskie.

There are so many counties, lakes, and regions in Ontario that have excellent fishing lodges that it is not possible to list even a few of them. The Montreal river and Elk lake area is known for its walleye, pike, and bass fishing and there are a few dozen good lodges in the Gogama area to cater to the avid hunter. You can get all these and lake trout also in the many lakes and bays of Kenora country where you will also find a few dozen lodges idyllically situated in the beautiful countryside. Lake Nipissing has as many lodges as Gogama and Kenora combined. But really all of Ontario is one big fishing lodge country.

British Columbia

British Columbia is the second most popular fishing destination in Canada bolstered by its proximity to the US state of Washington. You can go fishing for steelhead and salmon in Bulkely river. Crazy Bear Lake and Chaunigan Lake are famous for the native rainbow trout. Vancouver Island is across the bay from Seattle and its oceans are great for hunting king salmon and halibut. The Frazier and Harrison rivers offer up trout, sturgeon, and salmon.

If you have an idea of where you want to go, there are excellent lodges on the lakes while some serve the river and tributary areas. There are also lodges on the coastline from where you can charter boats for saltwater fishing. Most lodges can rent you single-bedroom, double-bedroom, or even double-story cottages for the whole family (and some friends). The Canadian hospitality and warmth are ever-present, and all facilities, even the public-use ones, are well-appointed and kept clean.

Other Provinces

Manitoba is also great for walleye and pike fishing and has some nice lakes, rivers, and lodges to visit. You should go to New Brunswick for the Atlantic salmon; other deep sea and freshwater fishing is also plentiful. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are also great for saltwater fishing and Newfoundland has good Atlantic salmon as well. Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and even Alberta are places to head to if you want to be alone with the fish. In short, all Canadian provinces and territories have excellent fishing and lodging for the avid angler.

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