French Unghie

Do you want to know what a French Unghie is? Are you interested in learning how to create French nails yourself? Do you want to know how to update the traditional French Unghie look? Read our guide for more facts and information…

The French Unghie is commonly known around the English world as French nails as Unghie translated into English means nail. The French Unghie model is a classic look that has long been popular with women around the world. This classic work is easily created through the French manicure process.  Women around the world have worn the classic French nail look by either creating the nail design themselves or by having their nails professionally done in a salon.

The Look

The French Unghie look is a classic manicure style. The look typically makes nails appear longer; however, women wear this style on all lengths of nails. French nails are painted in a sheer or pink colour on the base while the tip is then painted with a white or ivory coloured polish. The French Unghie look is a classic and goes with any outfit or style that a women desires.

An Updated Classic

The French Unghie look has been popular since the early 20th century; however, recently the style has been updated. Nail art is now used as a fashion statement as well as allowing the individual to express their personality without being excessive.  The French Unghie look is easy to update as the French design leaves a large open base to design. A common updated look is to add rhinestones or other jewels at the base. The jewels can be placed randomly or designed into an image such as a flower. Other ways to update the traditional French Unghie look is to use airbrushed design, use an off white colour on the tip, or to use the reverse style where the white is used on the base and the tip of the nail is painted in pink or a sheer tone.

Do it Yourself

Although many individuals chose to have their nails done professionally at a nail salon it is also becoming popular and cost saving to create the French Unghie look on their own. The look can be created on natural nails or on acrylic nails which are then placed on top of the natural nail. Acrylic nails can come predesigned in the French Unghie style making it easy to create the classic look. If however, you are interested in creating the classic French look on your natural nails the steps are relatively simple.

First it is recommended that you file your nails into a square or oval shape. Then you apply one base coat to your nail. When applying the base coat it can be easiest to start in the middle of the nail and then move to the sides. After applying the base coat, the tip must be painted with the white colour. This step requires a steady hand and patience; however, with practice it can be done.  After letting the tip dry it is recommended that a second coat is applied to prolong the life of the French nail.

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