Softheat Canada

Want to buy a Softheat sauna in Canada? Read on for facts and info on portable Canadian sauna systems…

Softheat Canada is an infrared portable sauna system which is available from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada and has a soothing radiant heat which is more comfortable than a conventional sauna and allows for better breathing.

Benefits of Softheat Canada

This radiant heat is absorbed by the body over 1 1/2 inches below the skin and provides relief for those with fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain conditions and sports injuries. The infrared soft heat Canada sauna has also been shown to be beneficial when used for weight loss and portable home saunas allow you to relax and benefit from its qualities in the comfort of your home. The main benefits of soft heat Canada include pain relief, detoxification, relaxation, weight loss and an immune system response due to hyperthermia along with benefiting skin care conditions like treating acne, psoriasis, eczema and even cellulite.

Specifications of Softheat Canada

The soft heat sauna requires only a five-minute warm-up prior to use giving you full benefits because it is an advanced infrared radiant heater and uses energy by heating objects directly and not heating the air in between. This makes it very comfortable and safe to use and allows you to relax in the comfort of the sounds you prefer to listen to with the high quality audio speakers built into all the models.

This is one of the largest portable saunas in the world with the benches, large doors and windows which allow you to relax in comfort and of course it is also economical costing you approximately $.10 per hour of use. The units are packed in easy portable cartons and can be assembled in minutes by anyone at home. The product comes with a five-year unconditional warranty on all electrical parts and a lifetime warranty on the radiant heat temperatures. The high quality construction makes it look like a fine piece of furniture and the interior has double wall construction made with clear Canadian cedar wood or Aspen.

Difference between Conventional Sauna and FAR Infrared

The conventional sauna system relies on indirect heat created due to convection of air currents and then conduction which is direct contact of hot air with the skin which produces the heating effect on the human body.

In infrared saunas, a little less than 20% of the infrared energy heats the air and the rest is directly converted to heat within the human body. This means the infrared sauna warms up the human body to a greater depth and more efficiently than a conventional sauna can. This main difference explains why far an infrared sauna is more beneficial to the health of humans when used regularly. It is interesting to note that Softheat Canada sauna induces 2 to 3 times the amount of sweating as compared to a conventional sauna.

In a conventional sauna the surrounding temperature is 180 to 235°F which can be extremely uncomfortable when compared to surrounding air temperature in the Softheat Canada sauna which is 115 to 135°F making it more comfortable and relaxing with better health benefits on the body and mind. If anyone is concerned with cardiovascular risks of using the sauna then Softheat Canada sauna is the best option.


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