French Door Curtain Ideas

French door curtain ideas are diverse and they are capable of transforming the entire look of the home whether it is a traditional log house or an ultra-modern apartment. Read our guide for more facts and information…

French doors impart a European flair to any interior and create a reflective atmosphere in the area.  French door curtains are perhaps the most common solution to dress up French door panels without detracting their attractive appearance. They are available in a wide variety ranging from soft pastel colors to dark blackout curtains depending on the decoration needs and other requirements of the consumer. The following paragraphs throw light on some of the best curtain ideas for French doors.

French Door Curtain Insulation

There are several reasons for dressing up French doors with curtains. In addition to enhancing the décor and style of a home, they serve as an insulation to trap heat or block the outside heat, so as to reduce the energy usage in a home. This makes them both environmentally and economically beneficial. They add privacy to the room, a much need feature in apartments and residential neighborhoods. At night, curtains block the light from street lights or other light sources and provide a peaceful sleep. When it comes to their effect during the day, they filter sunlight and safeguard the interior upholstery and other items from fading and damage caused by over-exposure to strong daylight.

Suitable Fabrics

The choice of fabric depends on individual preference, budget, decoration needs and the extent of privacy required. When it comes to the curtain color, white is the predominant choice though off-white, pastel and beige are also commonly opted by designers. Sheer fabrics are the most appealing as they depict an attractive and delicate look.  Blackout curtains and thermal curtains with linings can bring a greater degree of privacy. They are also useful to block the sunlight and create a dimmed ambiance to watch TV or play video games without the problem of glare.


French door curtains can be designed to create different kinds of looks to the ambiance. The traditional two-panel treatment creates a clean look, whereby each door panel is covered with a sheer curtain having rod pockets at the top and bottom. Polyester sheers and lace sheers render a unique an incomparable appearance. Each panel is gathered to scrunch appropriately, in order to deliver a dainty look and enhance privacy. Thicker fabrics look nice with less scrunching and each panel can be tied at the center to create an hourglass effect.

Sheer curtains can be used in combination with drapery to create a great ambiance. Combined with stunning curtain rods and matching hardware they can give an interesting visual appeal.

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