Chilean Sea Bass Recipes

Interested in Chilean Sea Bass recipes? Read our guide for the perfect Chilean Sea Bass recipe…

The Patagonian toothfish is popularly known as the Chilean Sea Bass. This is one of the most popular fish consumed in the west today. There are many interesting ways in which sea bass can be prepared to make a delightful dish. Some exquisite Chilean Sea Bass recipes are as follows:

Teriyaki Sea Bass

This delicious recipe will give you a moisture ridden richly flavored basting sauce for the fish. You will be cherishing the after taste of the Teriyaki sea bass for hours to follow. You need some teriyaki sauce, fresh lime juice, fresh cilantro leaves, minced fresh ginger and lime quarters along with a pound of fresh Chilean sea bass for this recipe.

Start off by combining the teriyaki with the lime juice, ginger and chopped cilantro in a baking dish. On the side rinse the fish and pat it dry. Lay it out in the marinade making sure to coat it on all sides. Cover it with plastic wrap and leave to chill up to four hours while turning it over occasionally.

Once the fish is nicely coated and chilled remove it from the marinade and place it on a grill over coal. Remember, in order to get the authentic flavor the fish must be cooked on a bed of coal. As you cook you need to keep basting it with the marinade turning the fish over on its sides. Once done squeeze some lemon on top of the fish and serve.

Chilean Sea Bass with Garlic, Basil and Vegetables

This Chilean sea bass recipe is truly worth trying out with its tasty ingredients such as garlic and basil. In order to make this dish you will require some unsalted butter, fresh basil, pressed garlic cloves, red skinned potatoes, fresh lemon juice, slender asparagus, baby carrots and fresh boneless Chilean sea bass.

Start off by preheating your oven to 425 degrees. Beat the butter in along with the garlic, lemon juice and basil. On the side parboil the baby carrots and potatoes for about five minutes. Drain the liquid and make four equal portions. Next place the fillets in a buttered pan and arrange the vegetables on to the fish. Bake for around half an hour after tightly covering it up with aluminum foil. When the fish is flaky enough to be eaten with a fork consider your Chilean sea bass ready to be served.

Potato-Crusted Chilean Sea Bass

This particular recipe will give you a rich flavor with its roasted pepper blends and a dash of lemon and basil. The tangy sauce will have you licking your fingers as you indulge in the mild fish. The ingredients you need for preparing the fish in this manner include red peppers, lemon juice, basil leaves, garlic, potatoes, olive oil, the fish and salt and pepper to taste.

Make a nice mixture of the puree peppers along with the lemon juice, garlic and basil. Add the olive oil to make a smooth and creamy sauce seasoning it to taste with the salt and pepper.

Cut the potatoes in thin slices and season the fish with the olive oil and salt and pepper. Arrange it with the potatoes nicely and cook in a pan for about five minutes in hot oil. Keep turning over until the fish is uniformly golden and then enjoy.


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