Traditional Japanese Fashion

Interested in knowing about traditional Japanese fashion? Find out as we take a look at the most popular styles that form the identity of the country.

Today you will find the Japanese people to be dressed up in normal western clothes. Shirts and trousers are the dress of the day which is considered to be the suave look. For the outside world however it is the traditional Japanese fashion that attracts their attention. Traditional Japanese wear has a global appeal due to its uniqueness and distinctive aesthetics when compared with the traditional clothing of other nations.

The traditional wear

Amongst the traditional Japanese clothes that have long been part of the local tradition is the kimono. This item is perhaps the biggest identity forming apparel of the country. Traditionally kimonos have been worn by both men and women. The Kimono for the man is a little sober as compared to the kimono for women. It is a loosely tied gown with narrow sleeves. The kimono for the fairer sex showcased elaborate designs and was a source of great pride for the woman.

Kimonos are made from fine silk and are imprinted with the most unique designs. A kimono is composed of different parts with each of them having their own names. Hence the methodological spirit of the Japanese is even apparent in their traditional sense of dressing. Although the Kimono comes across as a charming dress for a woman it is very difficult to manage as one even requires the assistance of others to put it on. In today’s times such clothing can only be used for a masquerade!

The junihitoe is another traditional Japanese fashion which can rightfully be categorized as an advanced kimono. This huge garment consists of twelve layers which Japanese ladies used to load upon themselves. Like the original kimono this too was made from pure silk. The drapery of the twelve layers is the most intriguing element of the Junihitoe. The top most layers appear as a coat and have upon it a colorful display of artistry. But naturally the junihitoe is a high end garment which not all women could afford to wear.

Another interesting traditional Japanese dress is the Yukata. Although the Yukata was mostly worn by women it was not uncommon to see certain Japanese men take to this form of traditional fashion as well. The Yukata is a garment for the summer season as it is extremely thin and light. The Yukata is worn pretty much in the same way as a kimono but is not as elaborate.

The word Yukata actually means bath cloth. The dress has however been used for many different occasions including festivals and parties. Traditionally this dress was only made out of indigo dyed cotton but today you will be able to find it in a wide variety of colours.

Although the times have changed and not many Japanese people themselves are fond of wearing their hard to manage traditional clothing somehow the rest of the world seems to be quite intrigued by the fashion. It is however hard to imagine that people would start wearing such hard to manage clothing in today’s fast pace life.

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