Chilean Volcanoes

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The landscape of Chile is studded with hundreds of volcanoes both dormant and active. From the Andes in the north to the borders of Argentina and Bolivia volcanoes are in a plenty in the region of Chile.

The collection of Chilean volcanoes is extremely diverse. On the one end you will find massive volcanoes rising from the desert grounds. On the other hand one will be able to see snow-crested volcanoes in the north.

Chile tops the list of being the country with the largest number active volcanoes in history. It has a staggering 36 active volcanoes which is more than any other country in the region. On the world wide level Chile ranks at number five falling behind Russia’s 52 active volcanoes. Chile has experienced some volcanic activity in recent times.

Some of the most popular and active Chilean volcanoes are as follows:


Credited as being the most active volcano of the Northern Chilean Andes, Lascar recently gave quite a show to the Chileans. The volcano is situated towards the east of the Salar de Atacama. The Aguas Calientes is situated right next to the Lascar. There are a number of other important volcanoes in the region as well giving Lascar a spectacular background.

Llaima Volcano

In terms of size Llaima is one of the biggest volcanoes of Chile and it is also one of the most active ones. The massive structure stands erected about eighty two kilometers northeast from Temuco and around sixty three kilometers southeast of Santiago. The Llaima Volcano stands within the borders of the Conguillio National Park.

Villarrica Volcano

This snow covered volcano has quite a different site to offer. Although snow massed the whole year roundd Villarrica is one of the most active volcanoes of Chile. It is located in a town that bears the same name. However the volcano goes by the name of Rucapilan as well. This is a Mapuche title given to the volcano meaning House of the Pillan.

The volcano forms the western most pat of the stratovolcanoes formed by three major volcanoes. It falls perpendicular of the Andean mountain chain right along the Gastre Fault. This volcano is counted amongst the four volcanoes of the world which have an active lava lake inside of its crater. The lava lake consists of basaltic-andesitic but is quite explosive in nature.

Cerro Azul

Translated as the blue hill, this active volcano takes center spot in the Maule Region of central Chile. It is situated immediately to the south of Descabezado Grande volcano. A 500 meter wide summit crater tops the mouth of the volcano. The crater is open towards its north. Scoria cones can be seen decorating the lower slopes along with flank vents.

Although the Chilean volcanoes, especially the ones that are active are a constant threat to the dwellers of close by settlements, they also serve as big time tourist attractions.

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