China Cabinet Plate Stands

China Cabinet plate stands are perfect for showing off your formal dining table sets. For more information and ideas read on…

When creating an attractive display in a china cabinet, plate stands can add an extra touch of class. They are available in different styles and materials and some hold both cups and saucers or plates, while others hold only plates. Plate stands can be found at home decorating retailers and online stores and most are inexpensive and provide a way to display fine china securely.

Stacking Plates

Fine china that is stacked in a china cabinet does not make for an attractive display. While some china cabinets have plate rails, these only allow for plates to be displayed vertically against the back of the cabinet. Often, plate rails do not secure fine china plates allowing them to roll or fall and become chipped or broken. China cabinet plate stands hold expensive china securely to prevent damage.

Materials for Plate Stands

Plate stands are available in a variety of styles and materials. The most common materials are brass, iron, wood and lucite. They are usually made in an easel style which shows plates at a slight vertical angle and some have hooks above the stand that allow cups to be hung in front of plates or saucers. The stands are available in different sizes to hold dinner plates, luncheon plates and saucers. Stands for bowls are also available.

Using China Cabinet Plate Stands for Displays

The type of plate stand can add to the overall appearance of a display. For those who want dishes to take center stage, lucite plate stands are clear and will not distract from pretty patterns. Twisted brass wire stands have a traditional appearance that looks well with antique or reproduction furniture. Iron and natural wood plate stands have a more casual appeal and look great with pretty stoneware dishes. Black lacquer wooden easel plate stands are perfect with oriental and modern decor. The right plate stands will add beauty and ambiance to a china cabinet display.

Plate Racks

Unlike plate stands, plate racks hold multiple dishes, usually up to eight plates of the same size. Some racks are designed to be placed in cabinets while others are designed to be hung on walls. Like plate stands, plate racks hold dishes securely and help prevent chipping and damage.

China cabinet plate stands help protect fine dishware and add style to displays. When choosing plate stands it is important to consider the style of the décor and the plates the stands will be displaying. Choosing the right plate stands can help create a china cabinet arrangement that is a knockout and draws the admiration of visitors to the home.

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