China Curio Cabinet

Interested in the China curio cabinet? Find out about this unique multipurpose cabinet developed in China in our buyer information guide.

The curio cabinet is a unique element of the Chinese culture. The Chinese people are known to possess a great creative hand. They have expressed their creativity through various mediums and the collection of Chinese furniture is part of China’s rich artistic heritage with the curio cabinet being one of the most noteworthy creations.

What is the curio cabinet?

These are highly decorative furniture articles used for the purpose of decorating the interior of homes and offices. Basically they act as a display shelf on which you can showcase your collectables, expensive china or other prized possessions. Traditionally the Chinese would put up dolls, chinaware, trophies, memorabilia and silverware in the curio cabinet.

Another great practical feature of curio cabinets is that they can really help to organize things. They keep all the content in order and well protected. Hence you can make use of the China curio cabinet to safely display your family treasures and showcase them with great pride through the artistic curio cabinet.

Distinctive in style and multifunctional in purpose the curio cabinet consists of a number of different compartments. They have a rather tall structure with narrow pieces. You will be able to find the curio cabinet in a wide range of sizes though. They can range from one foot to five feet wide.

Today the market is loaded with traditional as well modern versions of the curio cabinet. Irrespective of the particular curio cabinet you go for you can rest assured it will greatly enhance your interior decoration while keeping your prized possessions safe.

The building material used for curio cabinets range from different kinds of hardwoods and veneers. You will also be able to find them in a wide variety of finishes as well. You should make the choice of the wood depending upon its durability because you can add the finishing touch to suite your surrounding environment.

Curio cabinets in different designs

Curio cabinets vary in terms of their designs. You will be able to find both plain and extremely fancy curio cabinets. It would be naïve to assume that all curio cabinets are shaped like rectangular boxes. On the contrary you will be able to find curio cabinets in a wide range of designs from sweeping curves to flat backs and arches.

While ordinary curio cabinets stand on the floor others are made in such a way that they serve as wall mounted cabinets. Alternatively they can serve as corner cases or free standing counter top cabinets. A relatively new addition to curio cabinets is the lighting feature which puts an actual spotlight on the display items in the cabinet shelves.

Wall curios have become quite popular in recent times. They are easily available in the market and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The most popular place for putting up a wall mounted curio cabinet is above the fireplace alongside candle holders and picture stands.

Wood corner cases on the other hand can work wonders in a small sized room. It is space efficient and stylish at the same time. The free standing counter top is ideal for the living room whereas the lighted curio cabinet can truly transform the ambiance of your house.

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